There’s no time like the present to organize and refresh your space.

I moved a little over 3 months ago from Iowa and Arkansas and into a new apartment. The size of my Arkansas apartment is 200sqft larger than my apartment in Iowa but, oddly, the kitchen is incredibly smaller. As much as I love to cook and cherish my time in the kitchen, I was okay with sacrificing the size of it for the rest of the apartment. My partner and I knew, though, that we would need to find some space-saving hacks to fit all of our belongings.
Luckily, this time last year, I read through the Marie Kondo manga and watched her Netflix series and decided to cleanse the house of things that didn’t spark joy. And let me tell you, my partner and I did the damn thing. We did all clothes, all kitchenware and pantry items, every single book, papers, and sentimentals.
So like I said, luckily, we had already gone through most of what was important and what wasn’t for the kitchen, yet we still were running out of space.
Grab your drink of choice, sit back and relax. I have 18 small kitchen organization ideas to that I’m excited to share with you today!

Pot and Pan Organizer

I have this exact organizer for one of my lower cabinets next to the stove. It’s perfect for anyone who has several skillets and lids and you’re just not quite sure where to store them. I admit, I am guilty of stacking them in my younger years.
But stacking can get pretty messy and really annoying very fast. It can also scratch your cookware!
Your pots and pans deserve more respect than that. This organizer fits most cabinet sizes and still leaves plenty of room to store other items. I keep my cutting boards stacked next to mine and two pots on the shelf above the rack!
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Over Cabinet Door Hanger

Save the space in your cabinets for other items by using an over the cabinet door hanger for more of your kitchen accessories!
This organizer is great for storing your favorite cutting boards, baking sheets and muffin tins! You can also use it to hold your aluminum foil or Ziploc bags to help clear up space in your drawers.
Just simply hang it on any cabinet door that makes it easily accessible for you and it but make sure to avoid hanging it on a cabinet that the shelving could get in the way.
Click here to get yours from Amazon.



Food Container Lid Organizer

While we’re on the subject of cabinet organization, raise your hand if you’ve got a cabinet or a drawer with all the lids to your plastic containers? I used to! No judgment. It’s never too late to start your organization journey. This lid organizer is perfect for the container connoisseur. I used to store my containers and lids in lower cabinets but now, have found it’s much easier to keep them organized when they’re in the upper cabinets. I keep mine in the tiny tip-top cabinets above my sink, but you do what’s best for you and your kitchen layout. Depending on the size and shape of lids that you have, it can fit from 10 to 15 different lids. If you have more than 10-15 containers it might be time to say thank you, next to a few of those.
Click here to get yours from Amazon.



Under Sink Organizer Rack

Under the kitchen sink is the junk drawer of cabinets. Mine usually consists of extra sponges, trash bags, dishwasher tablets, vases and a couple of margarita glasses. If there’s one place in my kitchen that needs organizing it’s definitely under the kitchen sink. This organizer rack is fantastic to freshen up your secret stash under the kitchen sink. Mine cabinet is unfortunately crowded with pipes and garbage disposal cords, but if you’ve got a larger cabinet space this the organizer for you!
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2-Tier Lazy Susan

Moving into a smaller kitchen meant less cabinet space. This also meant I no longer had a cabinet dedicated to spices and seasonings. We had A LOT of spices and seasonings. We brainstormed ideas on the best way to create space for them and our first try was with one of those 3-tier shelf organizers. This worked for organization but it wasn’t practical.
My partner found this lazy susan and saved my spice life! It’s got a simple design to match most kitchens and it’s easy to put together. It rotates so you can see all of your spices and you can stack small spaces on top of each other on the first tier. For the bottom tier, in the center where it’s a little harder to see, we put our spices and seasonings that we had multiple of to pull out once it’s duplicate was empty.
Contrary to how this image looks, it holds a lot more seasonings and spices than you’d think! And we ended up using the 3-tier expandable shelf in the hall closet to organize our medicines and vitamins!
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Rustic Mug Organizing Tree

Coffee cups are a prized possession in my house. They’re packed with memories, love and they’ve each got their own quirkiness to match the mood of the day.
This organizing tree is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you’ve got limited cabinet space for your mugs.
I have one in my kitchen and it wasn’t until THIS WEEK that I realized how to stack them properly. Before Monday night, I was handing them by the handles.
*face palm*
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Universal Bamboo Knife Block


This universal knife block is what has been missing from my life. It fits most knifes and the bristles make it easy to store your knives however you’d like!
It’s so much better than buying a knife block with knives already in it and gives you the freedom to choose your own knife set.
I was gifted with a few Japanese chef knives this Christmas and right now I’m being very type-A and keeping them in their box after I’ve used them. I’ve got this knife block in my cart and can’t wait for it to be the new addition to my kitchen.
You can also put your kitchen shears in here and between those and your knives, it’ll clear up plenty of space in your utensil drawer!
Click here to get yours from Amazon.

6-Piece Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer

After you clear out space for your utensil drawer, it’s time to organize it and show respect to the utensils left behind. I have a single bamboo organizer that I bought to try out and I love it and plan to get more.
Sectioning out your utensils looks nice and neat when you open your drawer and it will make you feel good by taking care of your products.
It will also help you to realize how much junk you might have in those drawers and what you don’t need and what you want to use more of!
Click here to get yours from Amazon.



Over the Door Pantry Organizer


This space-saving trick has been one I’ve used for years and years. I typically use mine for cleaning supplies but if your pantry is over flowing or you have those items you grab often this is a brilliant way to keep it in close reach.
Boxes of oatmeal and popcorn can take up a lot of space. Instead, once you get home from the grocery store, take all the packets out of the box and put them in one of the organizer sleeves instead. And don’t forget to recycle!
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Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Have you ever moved into a rental and just wished the fridge had more drawer space?
That’s where these organizer bins come in to save the day! These drawers easily clip onto the shelves that are already in your refrigerator.
Once they’re clipped on and secure, you can pull them out and load them up with produce, cheeses, eggs and more! You can also use them to stack on top of shelves for better organization of the items in your fridge.
Click here to get yours from Amazon.



3-Tier Produce Tower


For the produce that won’t fit in the fridge or lasts longer in room temperature this produce tower is a great space saver for the smaller kitchen.
I have mine displayed on my dining room table, which is right next to my kitchen, So not only does it make a colorful center piece for the table but it is still convenient for when it’s time to cook or grab a snack.
If you have the counter space for it then I say go for it! In my last apartment I was lucky enough to have an island and used it as the focus point there.
I usually keep my potatoes, garlic and onions on the bottom tier, my apples on the middle tier and lemons and limes on the top.
Click here to get yours from Amazon.


Fruit Bowl with Banana Hook

Speaking of produce, we can’t forget bananas! I pick up bananas every week from the grocery store to eat with my oatmeal or to have as a snack.
If you’re a banana fanatic like me, do yourself a favor and get yourself this banana hook.
It’s simple yet efficient and still saves you space! Just plop it on the counter and it’s ready to go but be sure to keep other produce away.
Bananas emit a lot of ethylene which can ripen other fruits and veggies quickly, so it’s important for them to have their own designated space.
Click here to get yours from Amazon.

Grocery Bag Holder


So you’ve got all your produce and groceries sorted away but now you’re stuck with a bunch of plastic bags and you want to keep them, but you have nowhere to put them. Right now mine are all stored inside of a tote bag inside of my laundry room but not for much longer.
I use my plastic bags when scooping cat litter and I know a lot of dog owners use them as poo bags. Plastic bags are also great for stuffing boxes with extra padding if you’re sending a package and I’m sure there’s other reasons people hold on to them too!
Keep yours nice and tidy in one of these holders. Just put up a command strip and hang it somewhere out of the way!
Click here to get yours from Amazon.
I also found this cute one for cat lovers, it’s the one I’m getting!


Bakers Rack

So I have a wine rack with shelving that is similar to this but this bakers rack is everything.
If you have a small kitchen with little storage space a bakers rack is what you need. My wine rack fits perfectly in my dining room and over the years I’ve used the shelves to store pantry items and plants!
This bakers rack is perfect for storing your microwave, larger pots, extra drinking glasses, plates, utensils and more.
I love the idea of exposed accessories that will give your kitchen or dining room a really chic feel.
Click here to get yours from Amazon.
I hope this inspires you to find joy in your kitchen this new year. The beginning of the year always inspires me to declutter, start fresh and remember to appreciate the space within my home.

What are some ways that you like to feel refreshed in the new year?
If you have feedback about any kitchen accessories, gadgets or utensils that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you!
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As always, be brave in trying new things.
Until next time!
Haley | Creator of Haley’s Kitchen


  1. Hello there, Great article. Thanks for sharing. It’s a great pleasure to have come across this. In the past, I usually fall to the disorganized kitchen tricks. But it’s great and just necessary to just get these organization ideas and refresh your space. It’s always a nice thing to get compliments about how your good and organized your kitchen is all the time. These ideas are very important. Thanks once again. 

  2. Haley,

    I have to admit, I use all kinds of things to organize my space, not just the kitchen. But I live in a very small space, 600 sq ft to be exact, so organization is key, especially when you have kids or a family in that small space. I use totes for a lot of my random kitchen gadgets. Instead of having them take up cupboard space or drawer space, I use a nice looking tote on a shelf to store them in. Since many of them are small, like my slicer and my dicer, it’s hard to have them out on a shelf. They’re small and too much stuff on a shelf can just look crowded. So, I use totes to store things in and you can’t see that there’s a lot inside that tote.
    I use a lot of the organizers you mentioned, like the over the door bins, but I put my ziploc bags, tin foil and saran wrap in there. I also use an over the cupboard plastic bag holder since I’m not a fan of the hanging ones that I see all over houses. I prefer mine to be out of sight. 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestions, they’re great!


    1. Hi Katrina!

      Totes are a great way to get things out of the cabinets and drawers when you’re using a smaller space. I’ve also seen people use cube organizers and crate boxes on top of their cabinets to make use of “wasted” space. I prefer to keep most of my stuff out of sight too! My laundry room, which consists of a washer/dryer and two shelves (it’s a very tight space), is right next to the kitchen. I keep my over the door hanger on that door so that all I have to do is open it to grab what I need and close it again so that it’s out of sight. Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

  3. Wow-what a great post, my kitchen is so small, I just love all the good organization products you have here. Espassaly the simple housewares kitchen cabinet pantry and the Food Container Lid Organizer …oh I love everything you review here. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Lyne!

      Thank you so much! A lot of people get frustrated with small kitchen spaces but I just look at them as a challenge to try something new. It also reminds me of all the junk I have and then I can narrow down what’s most important and what I don’t need. All of these items have been helpful to me in my small kitchen and I hope you were able to find some inspiration in taking back your space!

  4. The bakers rack is a great idea, and I already have a very similar one in my apartment. I would be seriously short of space without it!

    I’m always looking for more space in my fridge, and some more draws may just be the answer. I’d have to check my fridge specs and see what sizes will work for my model.

    Also, the over the door pantry organizer looks like a good addition. I guess I could turn it inwards if it didn’t look so good on the outside of the door.

    Thanks for the tips 🙂

    1. Hi Andrew!

      I LOVE that bakers rack. I have my wine rack that I get double use of but since I’ve already organized my kitchen to my liking I’m thinking the bakers rack would be great in my living room or reading nook!

      The drawers are a great hack for the refrigerator. I got big into fridge organization last year on where things should properly be placed in the fridge like leafy greens on the top shelf and dairy on the bottom, but every fridge is different!

      I can’t remember a time that I’ve never not had a hanging pantry organizer. I’ve mostly used mine for cleaning supplies but it’s so hand and it’s mostly out of sight!

  5. Hi Haley, I really feel inspired by this post! As someone who bought a small flat, my kitchen is really small. I love the idea of the lid organiser as I’m always losing container lids! I also like the plastic bag holder. I’ve been stashing them in the cupboard under the sink, and they’re always getting in the way. I have to agree, they make great disposal bags for cat litter! The lazy susan sounds great for storing spices and I love the way it rotates. I plan to get my kitchen redecorated in the near future and will save this page for inspiration:)

    1. Hi Kathy!

      The lid organizer is genius. I remember times when I had a cabinet section dedicated to throwing loose lids in and it was awful. What was I thinking! And the fact that the large organizer holds from 10 to 15 lids is PLENTY!

      The plastic bag holder is so cute! I have mine in my laundry space so that it’s out of the way in the kitchen.

      The lazy susan has been so helpful! I have a TON of spices and I cook 6 days of the week so I needed something that made them easy to find.

      If you need any other tips I would be happy to help! Feel free to reach out to me at if you ever have any questions 🙂

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