Growing up in the south I’m used to high temps and insane humidity. Yet every year, it slaps me in the face as if I’m experiencing it for the first time. If you also live in a hot climate, you know that from May to mid/late September turning on your oven or your stove comes with consequences. It’s hot outside, it’s hot in your house and no matter where you go you’re sweating.
Luckily, I’ve found a few useful kitchen gadgets to buy this summer that can help you during the heat wave. Whether it’s saving you from the humidity because you’re wanting to go on a coffee run or trying to beat the heat to avoid melted ice cream from your local shop. Check out these awesome items to make your summer in the kitchen a little more fun!

Zulay Milk Frother

The iced coffee trend is huge especially when it’s hot out, but I definitely prefer hot coffee year round. However, I can’t bring myself to get out for a Starbucks run just for a latte. I’ll save my sweat for another time and wait until pumpkin spice is back in stock in the fall. With Zulay’s milk frother you can save the time and avoid the heat by making professional latte’s at home! Use it for lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos this summer and whip is back out for hot chocolate and eggnog in the colder months.

Popsicle Molds

Homemade popsicles are a super fun way to cool off this summer and keep the heat out of the kitchen. This silicone mold is reusable meaning that you can always keep your posicles in stock. Create any flavor you’d like and multiple flavors at once! This is also a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. All you need is your favorite fruit, honey to sweeten it, yogurt if you want it creamy and a blender. Layer different fruits like strawberry and mango or go with one flavor like watermelon and throw in from fresh mint to brighten it up!

Magic Bullet Blender

Speaking of blenders! Not only is a blender great to have around for your popsicles but smoothies are ideal in the summer. They’re full of nutrients, they’re easy to make and easy to take on the go. The Magic Bullet is basically a steal getting three different cup sizes for about $40. You can also whip up some quick guacamole or hummus, or what I’ve been using mine more recently for, oat flour! We had a lot of oats in the pantry and I have found tons of baking recipes lately that call for oat flour as a gluten free alternative and throwing oats in the blender for a few seconds gives you a super quick and easy oat flour!

Soft Serve Maker

Looking for a clean sweet treat? The Yonanas soft serve maker is the perfect addition to your summer! Or any time of year really. With no additional sweeteners or yogurt or cream, you can make a delicious vegan dessert just from fruit. Or throw in some vegan or regular chocolate if you want to treat yourself. No ones judging and all bodies are summer bodies. Simply toss in over ripe bananas, plum peaches or even frozen fruit to be churned into a smooth soft serve perfect for a hot day!

Ice Cream Maker

If fruit popsicles or “nice” cream isn’t your thing then here’s an ice cream maker to give you to the real deal. It’s incredibly easy to use and the ice cream is always delicious. Simply add the ingredients you want, turn it on and let the machine do the rest. If you’re unsure of what ingredients to start with, use a few Cuisinart recipes included in the instructions. When it’s too hot to get out and about for fast melting ice cream, just make some at home!

Pineapple Corer

Pineapple is pretty much a staple summer fruit. It’s great raw, it’s amazing when you grill it, put it in smoothies, ice cream or if you’re on of “those” people, put it on your pizza. But figuring out how to property core your pineapple can be intimidating. If you struggle with cutting into pineapple, it’s time to check out this Zulay corer. Just slice the top off, rotate your corer into the pineapple to the base, then pull it up and ta-da!

Watermelon Slicer

A watermelon slicer is one of those gadgets I never really gave thought to, but the more I’ve seen them the more since it makes to get one. At least for watermelon season. All you have to do is slice your watermelon in half and then take the pin wheel slicer and push it through the watermelon for perfect cubes! It seems pretty genius now that I’m thinking about it. It’s an easy and less mess way to serve up this summer fruit.

Citrus Juicer

I grab for lemons and limes year round but they are the perfect pair to basically any summer dish. Now I guess with or without a juicer doesn’t necessarily save you from beating the heat this summer, but it does save your fingers from any cuts or torn cuticles! Plus, by using a juicer you can really get everything out of lemons and limes where hand squeezing typically leaves some behind.

Safe Slice Mandolin

Lastly, a super helpful summer gadget, the safe slice mandolin. During summer I am buying veggies like crazy. I have salads every day for lunch and veggie packed dinners to follow. Not only does this cut down meal prep time, but it’s also nice to fly through slicing and dicing without the worry of slicing off a knuckle in the process. The safe slice has 30+ slices options from julienne to matchstick and can chop through tough vegetables without fuss.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite ways to beat the heat in the summer?
If you have any questions free to drop a comment and let’s chat!
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  1. Haley,
    It’s the little things that bring the most joy!!! Great article by the way.

    Three gadgets stood out for me. The pineapple coreer and water melon slicer are a no contest buy. This is because I make smoothies everyday and usually prefer as much fresh fruit as possible before I add any frozen fruit. Both pineapples and water melons are part of my core fruits, so to have gadgets that will reduce my prep time is simply awesome. I would NEVER have thought to look for such items as I did not know they existed!

    I have been mulling over buying a new icream maker, so I will certainly compare the one in this article with others.


    1. Thank you so much!

      I LOVE the watermelon slicer. I’ll be honest, for a while I saw everyone hyping it up and I was sitting here like “just use a knife!”, but it REALLY is convenient and helpful. I also make smoothies every day! You should check out my other recipe on here for my Hormone Balancing Smoothie.

      If you do make ice cream at home often then definitely check out the Cuisinart one. It works really nicely. But also, since you buy a lot of fresh fruit, look into the soft serve maker! It’s a game changer.

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