Pizza is loved worldwide with toppings ranging from classic cheese to more peculiar choices like bananas and curry. And yes, that’s an actual pizza in Sweden.

But if you’re a gluten free friend what are the best toppings for a gluten free dough? To be honest, though gluten free pizza dough is a little different in texture it can be pretty good! And there’s no right or wrong topping just because the dough is different.

However, my partner is gluten intolerant so when we have pizza night we do use gluten free pizza dough. And to save time and enjoy the evening, we use a boxed dough! Ancestors forgive us.

Here’s my favorite gluten free pizza dough and a few of our favorite pizza recipes (with wine pairings ?)!

The Best Gluten Free Pizza Dough

I accidentally received this pizza dough when I had actually purchased their foccia boxes. They were super quick and kind to send me the foccia boxes and told me to keep the pizza dough for free! Little did I know it was about to be the best pizza dough I’d ever had.

We’ve tampered with our fair share of gluten free pizza dough in my house. We’ve made it from scratch, tried Bob’s, Simple Mills, Cup 4 Cup and other brands from Kroger and Wholefoods.

However, this Chebe pizza dough mix is the bees knees. It’s with tapioca flour, which if you’re gf and you haven’t tried using this it’s going to change your life. Tapioca flour has a lot more elasticity where traditional gf flour can be really dense. The crust is packed with seasonings and tastes amazing!

The box instructs to add 2tbsp of oil, 1c of shredded cheese (which is optional but I HIGHLY suggest it), 2 large eggs and water/milk.

For my vegan or dairy tolerant friends, I have tested with vegan cheese, egg replacement and dairy free milk and it’s still super delicious!

After spreading the dough on my pan, I also sprinkle a little kosher salt on the crush to boost the flavor.

The box also instructs to add toppings then bake but I do it a little differently because I like heavily packed toppings. To keep the pizza crust from becoming soggy I bake it for about 5-7 minutes and then pull it out to add my toppings. Then I’ll pop it back in for 10-12 minutes depending on my toppings.

You can click here to order the Chebe pizza dough!

Mushroom Medley

This is easily one of my favorite pizza topping go-tos. It’s super versatile and fun to play around with! Shiitake mushrooms are always what I grab first. Usually from my grocery store but if you can find some at local market that’s even better! I don’t have a picture but when we lived in Iowa there was a seller who often popped up at the farmers market and he always had blue oyster mushrooms and lions mane. Both were super fun to cook with!

I also got my hands on some local morel mushrooms. Unfortunately I didn’t forage these myself but that is on my bucket list! I also threw some oyster mushrooms in the cart but what’s great about a mushroom medley pizza is you can choose any kind of mushroom you want.

Cheeses that go with a mushroom pizza are also versatile. You can use a nice sharp cheddar, Gruyere, mozzarella, feta, goat or brie. Really whatever tastes good to you. Vegan cheeses are also great with mushroom pizzas. I love the taste of vegan cheese when it’s warm and melty and it pairs really well with mushrooms.

Mushrooms have an earthy flavor so I love to pair it with an earthy green. My go-to for pizza is always arugula. It has a fresh bite that’s also a little tart or bitter. It’s the perfect finish to your mushroom pizza!

For the base of this pizza I typically go for pesto but a white sauce or even just a garlic and butter sauce would taste amazing.

?  Pairs well with a smooth Pinot Noir, an earthy Syrah or a fruity Zinfandel.

Pancetta and Fig

When I’m craving something sweet and salty this pizza is the perfect flavor combo. Panchetta delivers a nice salty bite while fig is naturally sweet like honey. I often order this pizza out (typically served with prosciutto at restaurants) and when I see it on a menu I have to get it. When I make it at home, I’ve never been able to find fresh fig at my grocery store so I opt for dried fig which you can usually find on an end cap in your produce section. Dried fig can taste a little sweeter to me than fresh fig, so if you don’t like particularly sweet things on your pizza, then just slice your dried figs in half and space them around your pizza how you’d like.

Pancetta should be easy to find at your local grocery store. It’s a delicious fancy bacon that goes perfectly on pizza. If you do use the traditional prosciutto I suggest waiting to top it on your pizza until after you’ve baked it. For pancetta, you want it to bake in the oven on the pizza.

My choice of cheese for pancetta (or prosciutto) and fig is always goat cheese. I usually place mozzarella or provolone on top of the sauce, then the pancetta and figs then I’ll top with goat cheese. The rich earthy goat cheese with the sugary, berry flavor from the figs and the crisp, salty pancetta is a flavor combo you will thank me for if you’ve never had it!

For the sauce, I chose a garlic cream sauce but you could also choose pesto or a garlic butter and it would be just as delicious. I like fresh basil and my holy grail, balsamic glaze, for those finishing touches!

?  Pairs well with a spicy, fruity Chianti

Creamed Corn and Pepperoni

Now this pizza, and hear me out, is probably my favorite pizza of all time. I’ve never had it out at a restaurant and if I owned my own it would be the #1 thing I would recommend to my customers. This pizza is good to have any time, any day. It’s a mouthful of savory, decadent, cheesy, deliciousness.

For this pizza, the creamed corn is the sauce. And trust me, it’s all you’ll need. Put the pesto, tomato sauce and cream sauce away.

This pizza packs a lot of weight with the creamed corn so I like to make a thicker crust. If you’re using the Chebe boxes I usually just make two at once.

You can always make your own creamed corn at home but I typically just buy it from the store. You may not need to use a whole can but that’s okay! Just save some in a jar for another meal.

Now for the cheese. With this pizza, you can use as much as you’d like. The more the better. I typically go for easy melting, creamy cheeses. You could even use white American and I wouldn’t judge you. I bet it’d be delicious! I always go for a vegan cheese blend and vegan cheese slices. The slices really pair well with the creamed corn. Just fold it into four small squares and place a few slices around your pie. Gruyere and brie would also be super delicious!

For pepperonis, I like a little mix. Head over to your cheese section in your grocery store where they have the deli meats and pick up a pack of the giant pepperonis. Then find an end cap with the Hormel pepperonis, specifically the ones that turn into little cups as they bake. It’s the perfect pepperoni blend!

?  Pairs well with a rich Sangiovese or buttery Chardonnay.

Heirloom Tomato

We made this pizza for the first time this summer when heirlooms were large and plump. We actually didn’t even plan to make pizza but when we saw the tomatoes we knew we had to!

We had our last few Chebe boxes so it turned out to be perfect. We brushed the pizza crust with olive oil, butter and finely diced garlic. It was chefs kiss. You could totally use a sauce with this pizza but because we use a lot of cheese and the tomatoes were massive we thought the oily, buttery garlic would suffice.

Again, you could go in any direction with your cheese. We chose to do vegan shredded and slices again. Something about those slices, y’all. They’re just so creamy when they melt down!

?  Pairs well with a crisp fruity Savignon Blanc or a bright, tart Rose.

What are your favorite pizza toppings? Have you had any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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Remember to be brave in trying new things and always cook with a dash of love!

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  1. Yummy, this post makes my mouth water! I will try the mushroom medley. I haven’t used shiitake mushrooms for a pizza topping yet but I’m sure that it will provide great flavor. The other day I was at the grocery store and they had shiitake mushrooms, but I didn’t buy them, since I didn’t know what to use them for. So, thanks for the suggestion!
    I love heirloom tomatoes! It’s such a simple recipe, tomatoes and cheese (I use vegan cheese), but it is so delicious! I also love the wine recommendations you added with the pizza toppings. I like red wine, so I will use this blog post for the next evening with friends, some great pizzas and wine 🙂

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thank you so much! I used vegan cheese with the heirloom tomato recipe and it was DELICIOUS! 10/10 would make again. If you’re interested in checking out the wine, click here to read my review on Firstleaf’s wine club!

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