‘Tis the season of giving, even if that means gifting to yourself!

Firstleaf has three incredible holiday bundles filled with reds, whites or even a mix if you like both. Each bundle is a 40% to 44% savings from the market price and we all love to save this time of year. Wine makes for a great party gift, holiday present or just simply enjoyed by yourself or with loved ones. If you’ve never heard of Firstleaf, check out my previous post where I go more into detail on the company and what they offer.

They also just released this super precious holiday commercial that definitely makes me want to snag one of the bundles before they’re gone (and trust me, they go fast) to celebrate with friends!

I’ve tried a lot of these wines and will give you my reviews below so you can pick which bundle will be perfect for you!

Holiday Mix Bundle

The mixed bundle has 3 reds, 2 whites and 1 rosé. It’s honestly the perfect combo for the holidays! And I’m saying that as a die hard red wine girl. I’ve had quite a few of these and here’s what I thought.

Tintoretto Sangiovese

First off, if you haven’t read my previous Firstleaf post, the ratings for the wines are totally relative. Acidity, sweetness and level of tannins could differ from one person to the next so when reviewing your wine take that with a grain of salt and form your own perspective!

This wine was definitely medium bodied, low acidity and had medium tannins. I actually go back and forth between whether I like tannins or not and lately I’ve been in the mood for all the tannin. My concierge gave me the perfect example of what tannins will feel like; licking velvet backwards! Most people describe it as a dry mouth feeling, which it is, but the velvet analogy is spot on!

I’m a big fan of plum and cherry notes and this delivered just that.

St. Audette Nuit Pinot Noir

I do love a good pinot noir and it’s one of the best wines to pair with holiday foods. This light bodied wine is great to have with appetizers or with a traditional holiday dinner. It’s rated a 3 out of 5 for sweetness but I honestly don’t remember it being very sweet. The flavor of strawberry was very present in this wine so I’d rather say it has a fruity presence rather than a strong sweetness to it.

Give it a good swirl before you taste and you’ll immediately get the aroma of fresh garden herbs floating out of your glass.

Tailored Republic Chardonnay

Now I’m not a big chardonnay fan, but Firstleaf has delivered some that have had me pouring a second glass. They say to really get the full experience of your wine you’ll need to take three sips before truly getting the full experience of the notes.

The Tailored Republic is medium bodied which is pretty nice for a white wine and common for most chardonnay’s. Low acidity and light fruit flavors produce nice smooth, oat milk mouth-feel. The listed notes are what I was most excited about; lemon, almond and brioche. Who doesn’t love bread!

Give it a good swirl to smell the aroma of lemon and honeysuckle then lightly move this wine around in your mouth to welcome the almond and brioche notes.

La Douleur Exqise Rosé of Syrah

I’m a big fan of a good rosé. We actually opened this up during Friendsgiving and shared a toast while snacking on delicious appetizers. It was the perfect wine to start the evening off with! Now I’ll be honest, when I usually open a bottle of Firstleaf I like to swirl and sip with the card right in front of me. But since we were with friends, I just enjoyed it with everyone and we conjured up our own tasting notes!

The color is beautiful and notes are well balanced. You’ll get a kick of acidity from flavors of raspberry that dance on the tongue. Swirl is around and might notice an aroma little rose petal. It has a hint of minerality to it that rounds out the flavors on your palate.

I’d also recommend checking out this bottle during warmer seasons!

Holiday White Bundle

This bundle is strictly white wine for any white wine lovers out there. I’ve surprisingly had 3 of the 6 in the bundle and here’s what I thought!

Jacks & Swan Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

If I choose to drink a white wine for dinner I’m typically going to pick a sauvignon blanc. I love the bright grassy flavors that this grape produces. It’s great for warmer seasons and definitely spring, but if you prefer white over red wine it’s great for any day!

I’ve heard the Jacks & Swan described as the dirty martini of wine. So if you like dirty martinis I’d suggest trying this one out! As someone who hates dirty martinis, I was skeptical but I see what they mean and it’s actually pretty good!

You get bright citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit but then your taste buds burst from a slight salinity. It’s a fantastic flavor combo. The salinity is from notes of wet stone and if you’re not sure what that tastes like, imagine the smell of large rocks on a warm day after an afternoon rain shower.

St. Audette Lumiere Chardonnay

This was a pretty standard chardonnay to me and I don’t think I drank much of it. However, our friend who is an avid chardonnay drinker absolutely loved it. It’s listed notes are white flowers, vanilla and a very oaky presence. On your second sip, let the wine slide down the sides of your tongue and you’ll notice a burst of lime and pear.

This chardonnay pairs well with seafood and I think if I had been drinking it with a platter of oysters, shrimp and buttery lobster for dinner, then I might have enjoyed it a bit more!

Whale Light Pinot Gris

This one was really surprising and enjoyable. I’d never had a pinot gris before and I was not disappointed. It’s light bodied but medium in acidity, sweetness and fruitiness. Give it a good swirl and you’ll immediately be greeted by green apple.

The floral notes and tropical fruit pair well with fish and sushi. I believe I had this wine with either salmon or tilapia and it paired very nicely.

Holiday Red Bundle

This bundle is packed with great reds! I’ve had half of the wines in the bundle and here’s what I thought.

Threaded Tale Cabernet Franc

This wine was full-bodied and right up my alley. Medium sweetness and high tannins that coated the tongue with lots of texture and flavor. This Cabernet Franc has a beautiful deep, rich color that made me almost instantly know I was going to enjoy it. It has a deep oakiness with a hint of graphite that could also be interpreted as bay leaf or herbs.

If you’ve ever sunk your teeth into a perfectly ripe plum you’ll love this wine. The succulent notes of plum bring a fruit forward tone to the wine to balance out the more earthy flavors.

St. Audette Nuit Pinot Noir

I already raved about this one in the mixed bundle, but again, it’s a great one!

Bonfillio Vino Rosso

The Bonfillio is a medium bodied yet light red wine, similar to a classic blend. It’s got a brighter fruitiness to it with notes of pomegranate followed by baking spices like clove and rounded out with a traditional oaky flavor.

The clove and cinnamon flavors make this a great wine to have around for the holidays. This is a red wine that could go either way with what you pair it with. It would be great with a bruschetta appetizer or could go with the main dish like roasted chicken or duck.

Book With A Concierge!

Another thing I love about Firstleaf is their concierge team. They are professionally trained but down to earth people just like you and me who love to talk about wine! They can help you customize your box so that you get wines that are tailored to your liking. And don’t forget, Firstleaf has a 100% guarantee you’ll love the wines you receive or your money back.

Have you tried Firstleaf? I’d love to know what you think about it in the comments! Or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, as I was writing this post they launched Winter Celebration Bundles! Those bundles are 12 bottles per bundle vs the 6 bottle bundles I covered today. I’ll launch another post reviewing those wines next week!

Click here to order your bundle before they’re sold out!

I hope you enjoy learning about the products we recommend! Just so you know, as a Firstleaf affiliate, I will earn a small commission from qualifying purchases and you’ll get great wines! See my disclosure page for more details.

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  1. I loved the Firstleaf commercial too 🙂 It’s very sweet.
    Personally, I prefer red wine, so I think that I’m more inclined to get the full red wine package, although the first mixed package also had some great wines. I haven’t tried any of them but from your descriptions I can tell that I will like them. How fast do they deliver? Can you order them as a gift?

    1. Author

      I prefer red wine as well, though I will say, Firstleaf has introduced me to some whites that I have come to love! They deliver pretty quickly. Obviously around the holidays things tend to get backed up but on average I would say that I receive my packages within 3-5 business days of placing an order. And yes! They just added an option to their website to purchase as a gift. Click here to check that out.

  2. Hi Haley! I love the red wine and that red bundle looks really good! Do you know if they ship to Finland and how much that would cost? Cheers!

    1. Author

      Unfortunately, they do not ship overseas yet but it is in the works! I will absolutely be creating a post as soon as they do though.

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