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My partner recently started a new job at Firstleaf, and as an avid wine lover, I was just as excited as she was. Before she jumped into her new job we decided to order a box to try their wine. You wouldn’t want to jump into a new job, especially a wine company, and then find out later you hated all of their wines, right??

Just to let you in on a little spoiler, we absolutely loved it. So if you’re looking for a wine subscription and have asked yourself, are wine clubs worth it? Do they actually save you money?

Keep reading to see if this is the right club for you!

About Firstleaf

Firstleaf Wine Club is an online only subscription that delivers wine straight to your door every month. Or as often as you need it!

Firstleaf was created to make good wine accessible without the hassle of buying it at a store. Especially when you pick up a bottle you’ve never had, knowing nothing about it, and taking a 50/50 chance that you’ll be disappointed. Each box is curated to your taste and the club is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What I loved right off the bat was the quiz you take to get to know your taste. In the quiz you’ll decide whether you want red wines, white wines or a mix. You’ll also go through a variety of wines to choose from so the algorithm can get to know you a little better. If you’re not really sure about the wines, don’t fret. It also asks you about some of your food preferences which will help with pairing wines that go with those foods and/or have those notes. After you try each wine, you can log onto your account to rate them and leave feedback.

Also once your account has been made you have the option to reach out to someone on the Wine Concierge team. There’s a link on the website to book your appointment with a Concierge and once you have, they will be your go-to for your wine preferences, and will work with you over the phone or via email to ensure each box is tailored to your liking. 

Each Concierge is professionally trained and passionate about the wine industry. They are there to talk with you about the wines you received, and find which future wines to send to you or not! If you don’t like a wine don’t be too bummed. It’s all about the process of elimination through tasting. The Wine Concierge team is amazing, super helpful, extremely knowledgeable and are very understanding about a wine that didn’t work for you.

Aside from the monthly box, you can also order straight from their online wine store. So if you have any favorites, feel free to order a few of those bottles. If you found a favorite, don’t hesitate, some of their wines sell out fast!

With your first box from Firstleaf, you’ll receive 6 Wines for $39.95 and free shipping. After that, each box whether monthly, every other month or however often you’d like, is $79.98 and $9.95 for shipping. That breaks down to be only $13.33 a bottle for pretty good wine if I do say so myself!

Or, if you choose to do a box of 12 wines for $159.96 ($13.33 a bottle) then you will receive free shipping and save money in the long run!

About the Wine

Firstleaf wines are carefully picked and tested before they make it to your box. The wines have won over 2000 awards and almost 400 90+ scores (scores are like grades given by wine critics), as well as 64 special awards and 1,825 medals. And the company is only 5 years old!

Firstleaf offers a variety of dry wines. From rose, red, white and sparkling, there’s bound to be something to fit your liking. The wines come from the US and International vineyards.

Want to learn more about wine? They also have a wine school on their website! Learn about different blends, how best to store your wine, the different types of grapes and tons more!

The Benefits

So besides the excitement of wine being delivered to your door, because who doesn’t love presents, there are many other benefits to being a club member.

Like I mentioned before, the club has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you don’t like the wine you received, you will get a store credit on your next order. 

Firstleaf is a company that cuts out the middle man (aka the distributor, retailer, etc.) and they partner directly with the farmers. Doing this, members can receive up to 60% off on retail prices! For instance, the Acadine Cabernet Sauvignon that I received in my box has a retail price of $23 but with my box I received it at $13.33 which saved me almost $10.

New Things Happening

One thing that I missed this past month was a virtual wine tasting! You order a specific bundle from your Concierge,  and people from all over hop onto a live stream with someone from the Concierge team to taste wines together and give feedback! On the member created Facebook page, people shared their wines, dinners, charcuterie boards and snacks from the evening and I was definitely having FOMO. This is something the Firstleaf team is working hard to incorporate more of so I am excited for future events!

My First Box

When you receive your box it is all carefully packaged with the wines stored safe and secure on their sides. This was a huge plus for me as some companies will ship the wines standing up right. Inside the box is a cute thank you letter and a welcome note on the inner flap from the owner. There’s also a large print out of their newsletter and you will receive a wine card for each of your wines! This tells you about the wine, where it came from, things to know about that region, the awards it has won, what it pairs well with and the notes and aromas of the wine. There is also a QR code you can scan from your phone if you loved the wine so that you can buy it from the store. There is also a QR on the label of your bottle if you happen to lose your card!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the wines!

St. Audette Lumière Chardonnay

Let me be upfront, I am not a Chardonnay fan (or really even much of a white wine drinker) but I can still appreciate a good wine. This Chardonnay was surprisingly good. The card describes aromas of vanilla bean and white floral. I definitely got vanilla on the nose.

The first sip was very acidic and fruity. I like to gently swish wine that I’m tasting around my mouth to get the feel of it. The card rates it medium body that I would agree with. The acidity is rated pretty low though at a 2 and I would probably bump that up to a 3.

If you didn’t know already, your tongue tastes different flavors from the tip to the sides to the back.

This wine was very lemon-lime on the sides and a bit salty at the back of the tongue. It would not buttery like your normal Chardonnay.

I would definitely drink it if someone else bought it and offered it to share, but as a red wine drinker I would not seek out this Chardonnay for my own enjoyment.

Non-Member Price – $19
Member Price – $13.33
Savings – $5.67

Ophidian Sauvignon Blanc

Out of all white wines, I definitely lean more towards Sauvignon Blanc. However, this one was not a favorite of mine. It fell a little flat for a Sauvignon Blanc of my taste. The card describes aromas of grapefruit and fresh white flowers. Not really my cup of tea, but definitely got citrus on the nose.

The taste was mellow but of pear, green apple and lime.

The acidity is ranked at 4 on this wine and I usually prefer a lower acidity wine.

Because this wine lacked flavor for me I would have paired it with a delicate fish for dinner.

Non-Member Price – $19
Member Price – $13.33
Savings – $5.67

Beraelia Sauvignon Blanc

Now this was a Sauvignon Blanc that I enjoyed! And I will point out, though the sweetness was ranked a 5, this wine was not sweet. It was quite delicious!

Citrusy and oddly oaky on the nose. The card describes of aromas of citrusy and floral notes. Give your glass a swirl and you’ll notice more juicy and rich flavors. Which is where I probably picked up oaky notes.

On the tongue this wine is flavored of bright fruits. I definitely tasted ripe peach and then lemon on the back of the tongue. You also really get the stone of the peach as well.

The acidity is low, which I like, but you still get that tingle on the tip of your tongue from a white wine.

Non-Member Price – $14
Member Price – $13.33
Savings – $0.67

The Perfect No. 6 Cabernet Sauvignon

Now for the reds! Unfortunately, this cab did not deliver what I hoped it would. It’s almost full-bodied, which I do prefer, but its also really high in tannin. This wine left me cotton mouth and with a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry, Firstleaf! I still love you just not this cab. There was probably a glass left in the bottle after everyone tried it and I committed the worst crime. Poured it down the drain. I’m sorry fellow Wino’s!

Anyways, it was very smokey, oaky and filled with tobacco on the nose. The taste I got right off the bat was leather and my mouth was instantly dry.

The body was rated a 4 on the card, but I would argue to say it was a solid 3.

Because we were tasting these wines with friends the bottle didn’t have much time to breathe. So I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt that if I had decanted it and let it sit for an hour or two it may have been a totally different experience.

I also may have had a different impression if I had paired it with a mushroom risotto with fresh grated parm. But alas, I did not. So maybe another time.

Non-Member Price – $23
Member Price – $13.33
Savings – $9.67

The Spice & Jam Trading Co. Zinfandel

I’m jumping to the Zinfandel next and then we’ll make our way around to the next Cabernet. At this point we were definitely needing a bit of food and I was starving. So I looked at the card and it said it paired well with cheeseburger so we ordered some from a local place down the road.

You get a really juicy aroma on the nose at first and then after swirling you’ll bring out the smokiness. Lots of lush, rich blackberry, fig and blackcurrant on the nose and the tongue.

It’s a light-bodied wine but for a Zinfandel that’s to be expected.

It paired perfectly with my cheeseburger. You could really taste the spice on the back of the tongue. And I got a little hint of PB&J with this wine as well. Definitely due to all the delicious jammy flavors.

It does taste differently than it smells, but overall I really enjoyed this Zin.

Non-Member Price – $23
Member Price – $13.33
Savings – $9.67

Acadine Cabernet Sauvignon

Okay y’all, I had to save the best for last. I was gulping this cab down it was so good!

The card says its medium-bodied but I would give it a 4 versus a 3. Acidity and tannin is very low which is what I’m looking for. On the nose you’ll get smooth, plush fruits like plum, blackberry and cherry. The cherry was really prominent to me.

On the tongue, you really get the richness of the fruits. Mouth feel was super velvety and creamy. This wine was juicy, abundant and fragrant.

I would absolutely order this wine separately from my subscription box!

Non-Member Price – $23
Member Price – $13.33
Savings – $9.67
So overall I saved $41.02 with my Firstleaf box!

So, are wine clubs worth it?

I wholeheartedly believe that Firstleaf Wine Club is! What I love about wine is trying new brands, interesting labels and reading about the wine’s story. Firstleaf is able to give me all of those things at a really great price for really great wine. And of course, its always better shared with friends.

So I’d like to share with you! 

Click here to get $40 off your first order & free shipping!↗️

Once you create your account your first box will be shipped to you within 2-5 business days depending on where you live. Firstleaf does ship to 48 out of the 50 states which is huge! There are so many wine clubs that have a very limited amount of states they ship to.

To my international readers, right now shipping is only within the US but they are working to ship internationally soon!

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment, message me on Facebook or email me at contact@haleyskitchen.com. I’d be more than happy to chat wine with you.

I hope you enjoy learning about the products we recommend! Just so you know, as a Firstleaf affiliate, I will earn a commission from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure page for more details.

Remember to be brave in trying new things and always cook with a dash of love!

Until next time,

Haley | Creator of Haley’s Kitchen

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  1. Hi Haley!

    Thanks for this review – your method of breaking it all down was perfect. I am giving FirstLeaf a go and will add the Acadine Cab for future deliveries.


    1. Glad to hear you’re going to try it! Please let me know how you like it!


  2. We love drinking wine and finding deals is so hard to do and get discounts. This article is full of discounts and good wines. You explain the best tasty wines shipped straight to our door.
    We have not ever had wine shipped to our house, we will learn how to get them shipped through here.
    Again thanks again.


    1. Author

      Hi Mathew and Deloris,

      Firstleaf is a wonderful company with really great wines. Let me know if you end up trying out their wine club! I’d love to know what you think 🙂

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