SodaStream has been around for a while now fulfilling carbonation addictions across the globe. It’s been deemed the most popular amongst carbonator machines and definitely the best for carbonated water.

I used to think the flavor of carbonated water was horrible and bland until a few years ago when I decided to try them again.

With no surprise, I was hooked.

I won’t lie to you, not every flavor is ideal. The coconut ones are horrendous to me, but I’m still left craving those fizzy bubbles.

If you’re an avid carbonated water drinker, you’ve probably often thought about the absurd amount of cans or bottles you go through. I recycle them and I still feel guilty for going through so many when machines like the SodaStream exist.

If you’ve considered the SodaStream before I’m sure the price was the first thing you noticed. There’s also several versions of the machine, so what’s the difference between them and also, does SodaStream save you money?

No worries, I’ve done the math for you! Grab your favorite flavored fizzy and let’s get to it.

How does it work?

Okay, okay. Before we jump right into it maybe we should know how it works right?

Each machine comes with 1-2 gas canisters that twist and lock into place on the back of the machine. Once that’s ready to go, you simply fill the carafe to the fill line, pop it into place in your machine and press the button as many times as you’d like until you’ve achieved your perfect amount of carbonation.

Within seconds you have fizzy water! It’s that easy.

Here’s how I compared prices for my household!

So each canister produces carbonation for 60L of water. Most cans are 12FLoz so that averages about 169 cans per SodaStream canister.

In my household there are two adults and we buy two 12 packs of Kroger carbonated waters per week. That’s 1,248 cans per year.

That’s a lot of recycling.We usually spend $3.00 USD per 12 pack equaling $6.00 USD per week.

With 52 weeks in a year, this averages to be $312.00 USD per year on carbonated waters and this is just buying the least expensive in the store. If we were to buy La Croix, Bubbly or Perrier, it could really rack up.

For perspective, our Kroger doesn’t even sell 12 packs of La Croix, it only sells 8 packs for $4.29. Meaning we would probably buy three boxes per week if we only bought La Croix, and would spend about $669.00 USD per year.

Our Bubbly also comes only in 8 packs for $3.99 averaging about $622.00 USD per year.

Our Perrier comes in a 10 pack so we could still handle two boxes per week but priced at $4.99 that’s still $518.00 USD per year.

You get the point.

So can the SodaStream save you money? Let’s find out!

SodaStream Jet Kit vs Jet Bundle

No cords, no batteries. It functions off of the gas canister, which is pretty nice.

It also only comes in black, but that’s not really a big deal.

Here’s the math:

The Jet Kit is priced at $79.99 and comes with the machine, one 60L gas canister and one 1L BPA-free plastic carafe.

So since my two person household drinks 1,248 cans per year and one 60L gas canister contains about 169 cans we would need about 7 canisters to last us through the year.

However, the Jet Kit only comes with one canister meaning we would need to purchase 6 more throughout the year. The refills’ comes in 2 packs priced at $65.00 USD. But, every time you exchange them, you do receive a $15.00 Amazon gift card so that’s pretty nice.So for the entire year, we would pay $79.99 upfront for the machine and one canister and $195.00 USD on the gas canister refills’ bringing our total for the year to be about $275.00 USD.

Since we spend roughly $312.00 USD on cans, this machine indeed does save us money before adding flavor.

*Note: these prices are for plain carbonated water before adding flavors. We’ll get to that later in this post!

Now let’s compare the Jet Bundle.

The SodaStream Jet Bundle comes with the machine, two gas canisters, two 1L carafes and two flavored Bubbly drops all for $139.99.

Even though this machine already comes with two gas canisters, we’d still need to buy 3 more packs for a total of $195.00 USD giving us 8 total canisters for the year which means we have an extra.

This comes out to be $335.00 USD for the year which is a little over what we’re spending now considering we buy Kroger brand, but if you’re buying name brand waters, this definitely still saves you money before adding flavor.

For those of you spending money on name brand, let’s keep comparing.

SodaStream Fizzi Kit vs Fizzi Bundle

The next model up is the Fizzi kit which has some differences, but ultimately is pretty similar to the Jet. Where the Jet carafe twists and locks into the place the Fizzi has a snap-lock feature. It also had a more updated look and comes in black, white, icy blue and rose gold.

This machine comes with one gas canister and one carafe priced at $89.99. With the additional canister replacements the total for the year would only be $285.00 USD before additional flavors which sticks within our budget and would save you money!

For only $10.00 more you basically only get an upgrade of color option. Which to me, is not a bad deal for lighter, brighter colors!

Now let’s compare the Fizzi Bundle.

The Fizzi bundle comes with the machine, two gas canisters, two 1L carafes and two flavored Bubbly drops for $149.99. (It is currently on sale for only $109.99 as of publishing date which is insane and is the best deal overall!)

The total average for a two person household for this kit and the three canister refills’ ends up coming to $345.00 USD before adding flavor.

More expensive than Kroger brand, but you’re still saving money if you buy La Croix, Perrier or Bubbly.

SodaStream One Touch Kit vs One Touch Bundle

The next model is the One Touch which adds a new automatic feature. Instead of pushing the button once or a few times to get your preferred amount of carbonation, this model has three button options to either lightly carbonate your water, heavily carbonate it or somewhere in between.

Besides the new buttons it’s still cordless, the carafe snaps into place vs the twist on the Jet it and it comes in black or white.

There’s one gas canister, one 1L carafe and the machine for $130.00 USD. Again, with three canister refills’ throughout the year, this equals to $395.00 USD.

So, without flavors and if you’re on a Kroger brand budget, this doesn’t really save you money. But it 100% saves you money if you’re buying name brand.

Remember, one year of La Croix = $669.00, one year of Bubbly = $622.00 and one year of Perrier = $518.00.

Now let’s compare the One Touch Bundle.

The One Touch Bundle comes with the machine, two gas canisters, two carafes and two flavored Bubbly drops. It also only comes in black or white and for $189.00 USD.

This is pricey, but not a total shock considering the Jet Kit vs the Jet Bundle also had a $60.00 increase.

With the other three purchases of gas canisters for one year ($195.00) this bundle averages out to be $385.00 USD for the first year.

Again, not off brand friendly, but definitely still saves you money if you’re buying name brand.

SodaStream Aqua Fizz Kit vs Aqua Fizz Bundle

Lastly is the Aqua Fizz kit which looks totally different from other versions. The Aqua Fizz features an easy insert for the carafe where it pops into a stainless base with a sealing lid for quick and quiet carbonation. The only thing about this is, you don’t get to see the amount of carbonation happening like all the other models.

The Aqua Fizz kit also comes with two glass carafes vs the usual plastic carafes. Personally, this is something that I would prefer as I’m trying to lessen my use of recyclables. Glass lasts longer and is dishwasher safe where the plastic carafes could damage easily if not taken care of and should be hand washed only.

The Aqua Fizz kit comes with the machine, one gas canister and two glass carafes for $159.95. Again, let’s add on the extra refills’ of gas for a two person household and our total for the year comes to be an average of $355.00 USD before adding flavors.

No money saved for my household, but if you’re buying brands like La Croix or Perrier, you’ll save a good bit.

Now let’s compare the Aqua Fizz Bundle.

The Auqa Fizz Bundle has two options: one with Bubbly flavored drops and one with the SodaStream brand drops.

The Bubbly flavored bundle includes the machine, one gas canisters, two glass carafes and two flavored Bubbly drops for $199.99.

The SodaStream flavored bundle includes the machines, two gas canisters, two glass carafes and two SodaStream flavored drops for $199.96. This is definitely the better option.

So for the SodaStream flavored bundle, plus the extra gas canisters for the year ($195.00), the average is about $395.00 USD before adding extra flavors.

Not in the Kroger budget, but again, 100% saving you money if you’re a name brand buyer.

Additional Flavors & Accessories

What’s the cost of extra flavors?

So I’ve given you all the prices for plain carbonated water or the bundles that include flavors to try, but what’s the cost of having flavors for everyday for a year?

This next section is based off of flavors that have no sugars or calories.

If you want to stick with the Bubbly flavor drops, which I don’t blame you because they’re my favorites, then you can find them in a pack of 6 flavors (8oz total) for $29.99. You add a 3/4tsp to a SodaStream 1L bottle so depending on how much water you drink, you may buy 2-3 packs of this per year.

So even if you buy the most expensive SodaStream, $199.96 for the Aqua Fizz bundle + the three canister refills’ for the year ($195.00) + three Bubbly flavor packs ($90.00), the total is $485.00 USD for the year.

This is $173.00 more than what we pay by buying Kroger brand waters, but you’re still saving money if you’re someone who buys name brand year round.

Remember, one year of La Croix = $669.00, one year of Bubbly = $622.00 and one year of Perrier = $518.00.

Another honorable mention for flavors would be the Mio brand. It comes in a pack of 4 flavors (6.48oz total) for $12.99.

And don’t forget you can always use real fruit! Stock up on lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges and either add slices to your water or muddle them in the bottom of a glass,

What about accessories?

So this isn’t the biggest deal, but obviously plastic doesn’t last forever. Most of the models come with plastic carafes except for the Aqua Fizz which comes with glass.

SodaStream claims that with good care and hand washing only the plastic carafes can last up to 3 years. I’m not so sure about that, but if you need to replace them you can find a two pack for $19.99.

Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the glass carafes. You can buy a single glass carafe for $14.25 as well as others with different colors or designs. Check them out below!Backhand Index Pointing Down Emoji (U+1F447)

Is it worth it?

That’s really up to you and what you’re looking for. For my household, the Jet kit and the Fizzi kit are the only ones that saves us money. But if you buy name brand frequently, there’s plenty of option to choose from that could be saving you a bit each year!It’s also notable to mention that one SodaStream bottle is equivalent to 3,070 disposable bottles. So if you can save money by switching to SodaStream, you can also help save the Earth.

Another fun fact: by 2025, SodaStream pledges to save up to 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet, so we don’t have to go looking for a new one. Although Mars seems pretty coolDo you drink tons of carbonated water? Are you looking for an alternative? Do you already use SodaStream? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoy learning about the products we recommend! These products were independently selected by Haley’s Kitchen. Just so you know, as an Amazon affiliate, Haley’s Kitchen earns from qualifying purchases. Oh, and items are in stock as of time of publication unless noted otherwise!

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Remember to be brave in trying new things and always cook with a dash of love!

Until next time,

Haley | Creator of Haley’s Kitchen


  1. Hey Haley,

    I do drink soda water, but my girlfriend drinks a lot more than me. When I show her the SodaStream, she is going to be nudging me to get one and to put it in the kitchen. I think it looks great and it definitely would be refreshing for us and when we can eventually invite family and friends back to our house, it would be very useful.

    I will let you know if we do eventually purchase a sodastream and I will give you my review of it. It looks great and I am sure it is pretty easy to use too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Please do let me know! Especially if she drinks quite a lot it could definitely save her some money! The design is nice and slim and shouldn’t take up too much room on your counter.

  2. Hey, thanks for the informative post on different versions and features of Soda Stream.

    I own the very basic one and I absolutely love it! I haven’t bought a fizzy water in at least two years.

    Recently, a new neighbour moved in a flat below me and she stores her water bottles (plastic) on her balcony. Tons of them. The thought of it actually makes me cringe. It’s amazing how the society went from buying a plastic water bottle from every day to basically considering it a crime 😀

    I’m definitely considering the Aqua Fizz Soda Stream with glass carafes, not only they look absolutely gorgeous, but, as you said, further reduces the use of plastic.

    1. Hi Silvie,

      That’s good to know! I’ve been considering the basic version to cut back on cans. I do recycle, but I’d rather just cut them out all together.

      Oh my gosh I can’t even imagine. Definitely cringe for sure. If you already love the machine you have, you can purchase the glass carafes separately! They will work with any machine. The glass one’s are my preference for sure. They will last longer and can be sanitized in the dishwasher!

  3. Hello Haley
    I am interested in your Soda Stream but I would like to know more about the flavours and contained in them. Some colours are not suitable for one grandchild. Red, Green and blue in particular.

    Do you recommend one for children who are allergic to food colouring?

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      For flavors, the Mio flavors do contain color dyes so it might be best to stay away from those. However, the Bubbly brand does not use colors at all! You can also use fresh fruit and just squeeze it right into your glass after pouring fresh carbonated water!

      Hope this helps!



  4. Hey Haley,

    This is great! I didn’t even know that you could make your own carbonated water. I drink mostly flat water, but I do love carbonated water, especially in the summer. Such a machine would be a great investment and it would come in handy and you would also have a lot less waste as well. I like the Aqua Fizz model. It says that it can work on electricity. Does it use a lot of electricity?

    1. Hi Christine!

      You can pretty much make anything at home now! It definitely helps with waste and is nice to have for both carbonated water or soda water for cocktails. The Aqua Fizz model is a nice design. I like the sleek look and stainless steel, plus it comes with glass carafes that will last longer than plastic!

      Every model should not be cordless! It runs off of the gas cannisters. So no electricity is used!

  5. Hi Haley,

    Highly informative article, appreciate you for providing in detailed content on all Sodastream variety products.
    Sodastream maker at home is cutting down huge plastic waste, this makes consumers aware of both health and environmental sustainability.
    Well, carbonated Sodastream water has enormous health benefits, it offers a highly differentiated and innovative alternative to consumers of bottled and canned soft drinks.

    Amazed how one sodastream bottle can save up to thousands use of a single bottle of plastic.

    I personally loved One-touch kit SodaStream model its features to choose the preferred amount of carbonization are unique.

    Overall these products are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, promote health, customizable and fun to use.


    1. It is pretty amazing how switching to SodaStream can save you from using bottles and cans! I like the One Touch a lot too. Especially the button options to control the amount of carbonation you’re putting into your water. I know some people like lightly carbonated, whereas I love extremely carbonated! So it’s really nice that it’s completely customizable.

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