Every morning have my workout I make a smoothie. It’s something I’ve been doing for a few months now and has really changed the way I feel in the morning. I used to rely on coffee and a banana to start my day after my commute to the office but I never felt 100% ready to tackle my day. Having the opportunity to work from home, I now can take the power back in my mornings and find ways to enjoy them a little more.
Smoothies have been a huge part of that and I’m excited to share this post with you! But how can smoothies help you to balance your hormones? Stick with me for just a minute so I can walk you through a little history of how I got into all of this research.
As a woman, learning more about women’s health is very important to me. Especially because, for months and months, I was dealing with extreme pains during my ovulation and menstrual cycle.
And it happened like clock work. Starting August 2020, every first day of ovulation I would be in level 10 pain for 1 to 2 hours and then I would be out of commission for the rest of the day. I started taking FLO vitamins to try to balance my hormones to relieve the pain, but it didn’t subside.
My partner, who has suffered from ovarian cysts and endometriosis, found relief through birth control. But if you’ve ever taken birth control, you know that can send your hormones haywire and cause weight gain in some women. So we found a hormone balancing powder to add to her smoothies to see if that would help and it did!
After waiting a century for insurance, I now am on birth control too. My doctor thinks it’s mittlesmerchz and by taking a low-dose birth control this will help to skip over my ovulation cycle. I can report back that in my first month I’ve not experienced any pain which is amazing, but birth control can come with side effects.
I’ve decided to stop taking FLO vitamins and the powder my partner was adding to her smoothies is pretty expensive. This is what started my research to see what else could I add to our smoothies to help out with balancing our hormones? And would equally just be great nutrients to add to our breakfast?
Well let’s jump in because I’m excited to share with you what I learned and at the end you’ll find my favorite hormone balancing smoothie recipe!

Just add…adaptogens?

What in the world are adaptogens? Adaptogens are herbs, roots and fungi that help to boost or adapt your body’s ability to resist stress and to restore it to its natural balance. These adaptogens have been around since about 3000 BC are totally natural and safe to use, but like any supplement, if you have concerns, you should talk to your doctor about it first.
Some adaptogens may have effects that coincide with certain medicines or may cause allergic reactions. Stick around to the end and I’ll post a section that goes over all possible allergens!
All of these supplements help increase your mental flow, energy and curb sugar cravings. But what I’m most interested in, is how most of these adaptogens can support your endocrine system, which governs your hormones.


Maca is a well-known Peruvian root but is one that I was not very familiar with. During my research, it kept popping up as the most talked about herbal powder to add to your diet, so I knew I needed to dig deeper. I’m glad I did, because the benefits are amazing.
Maca can help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, low energy, hot flashes vaginal dryness and low libido. That’s a lot coming from one little root!
Maca has also been known to help hormonal issues in both women and men. This means it can positively impact skin, hair and reduce PMS symptoms.
Maca is family to the radish family, so unfortunately if you are allergic to radishes, I would suggest staying away from any form of maca until you consult with your doctor.


Reishi is one I was more familiar with prior to my research. I’d heard of reishi powder being added to coffee or tea, but that was really the extent of my knowledge. Reishi is a Chinese medicinal fungi known as the “mushroom of immortality” that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. It’s ranked as the number one in natural healers with many benefits for the body.
Reishi is used to help the body by boosting immune support, heart support, liver and cleanse support, managing inflammation, sleep and energy support, brain and cognitive support and can fight fatigue and depression.
Although reishi is an edible mushroom, you won’t find it in your local grocery store. They are made of non-digestible fiber and have a woody texture so you will most likely find it ground into a supplement or tincture.
Being a mushroom, if you have mushroom allergies you will need to consult with your doctor before using a reishi powder.


Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that has been used for over 3,000 years. It’s also known as Indian Ginseng, and is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, a holistic medicine used for natural healing.
This herb is beneficial to your body by promoting healthy tissues and a healthy nervous system. It’s known to help balance fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and respiratory difficulties. Like the maca root, it is known to help both women and men! It’s an aphrodisiac that has been proven to increase testosterone levels and fertility in men and increase libido in women.
But ashwagandha is probably best known for it’s ability to reduce cortisol aka the stress hormone. Many women experience anxiety for the first time after 40, but I’ve lived with anxiety my entire life as well as many, if not all, of the women I know and love. If ashwagandha can help to lower cortisol levels, I’m down to give it a try!


Shatavari, also known as the queen of herbs, is one that did not pop up at all at the beginning of my research. That seems a little odd considering it’s deemed the queen of herbs don’t you think? So of course, this piqued my interest and I dug in deeper for some very surprising research.
Shatavari is a full body nourishing adaptogen that helps all tissues and several body systems on a deeper level than most other herbs. This single herb contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, helps to boost your immune system, helps your respiratory system, helps your digestive system, and moisturizing and rejuvenates the female reproductive organs.
Although it is not exclusively beneficial for women, it does have more benefits for the female reproductive system. There is no better herb for female vitality. Shatavari has been used for thousands of years to help increase fertility, balance hormones, aid with menstrual cramping, help with menopause symptoms, and help with vaginal dryness and low libido.
Having ovulation and menstrual issues in the past, I’m starting this herb in powder form in next week in my smoothies!


So we’ve all probably heard by now about how dark chocolate could actually be a guilty pleasure that has benefits. But something in me feels wrong about throwing a chunk of chocolate bark into my smoothie.
Luckily, there’s an abundant amount of raw cocoa powder available at our finger tips. There’s many great benefits to adding a little raw cocoa to your daily diet. It’s an amazing super food powder that contains high levels of iron and magnesium. Like ashwagandha, it’s also known to lower cortisol levels. Cocoa has also proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels and stabilize blood sugar levels!
If you’re looking to add this to your morning smoothies, just 6mg of 70%+ will do the trick.

Don’t leave out your fruits and greens!

Even though our super food adaptogen powders are extremely beneficial for balancing our hormones, as well as many other health benefits, we can’t forget what makes a smoothie. And that’s our fruits and veggies.
If you’re still with me at this point, thanks for sticking around and let’s get to it!

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens that I typically go for are kale and spinach but you can also use chards, collards or any dark green of your choice! Dark leafy greens help to boost your liver ability to metabolize estrogen which is an amazing thing. When your estrogen is balanced, most things run more smoothly.
Estrogen helps to boost collagen which then boost your quality of skin. Kale, specifically, is packed with calcium and vitamin K that can help to reduce PMS symptoms. It also contains B vitamins, vitamin C and antioxidants which help balance cortisol. And if you’ve stuck with me to this point, we’ve learned that lowering cortisol is ideal to balancing your stress levels.
Spinach is also full of antioxidants that help with inflammation that women deal with due to unbalanced hormones. It’s high amounts of zinc and magnesium help you sleep better at night and also helps to maintain stress levels. If you’re not putting spinach in smoothies, it great for mental health no matter how you eat it as well as many, many other incredible benefits for better health. So try incorporating it more in your meals in general for a happier and healthier life!


Bananas are a no brainer for me when it comes to smoothies. It adds creaminess and a natural sweetener to my morning breakfast and I hardly go a day without one. Bananas are a great fruit for the mornings because the provide an energy boost, they are packed with potassium and are a great benefit to heart health, they work as an antacid, help relieve constipation, help boost serotonin, and so much more.
And because we’re all about helping hormones in this smoothie, they also are capable of fighting depression. They contain a good amount of vitamin B9 which helps to release serotonin as well as a compound called norepinephrine which also helps to regulate stress levels.


Although I don’t usually put avocado in my smoothies they do contain tons of benefits. If you’re looking for more potassium in your diet, avocados actually have more potassium than bananas. They are also loaded with healthy fats that are very beneficial for a healthy heart. If you’re needing to add more fiber to your routine, avocados are a great source for this! You can add it to your smoothie or even slice up an avocado for a snack with s&p.
One thing I love about avocados is that they help to moisturize your skin from the inside out. My hormones have sent my skin through a roller coaster of oil to normal to dry and any moisture I can get, I take. Another hormonal benefit from avocados is the healthy fat that I mentioned earlier. Not only is this better for your heart, but it also helps to balance estrogen production and helps to balance the reproductive system in women.

Mixed Berries

Much like our greens, berries help support balancing out any excess estrogen in the liver. I use a mix of strawberries, blueberries, black berries and raspberries. Berries are packed with vitamin C which helps to regulate your progesterone. This, in turn, helps particularly during PMS.
Not only are berries a fantastic way to help naturally balance your hormones, but they also contain anthocyanins which promotes brain functioning and helps with memory loss, they are packed with fiber and support a healthy digestive system and they are known to improve blood sugar and insulin levels.
I prefer to freeze my berries for a thicker, colder smoothie, but whether they’re frozen or not, they’re still going to provide you with all of their amazing nutrients.

Nuts and seeds aren’t just for the birds.

Nut Butter

My two go-to’s are either almond butter or peanut butter. Some people prefer almond butter because it’s been deemed healthier, but in actuality, there’s not a huge difference between the two. Both contain fiber, protein and healthy fats that are necessary to start your day off right.
Okay so, almond butter is slightly healthier because it contains more vitamins, minerals and fiber, but both are roughly equal in calories and sugars. I really recommend buying this almond butter because you get a lot for a really great price. I just found it on Amazon and pay more for less in store!
Whichever you decide on, a nut butter is necessary to me in my smoothies because it’s a vital source of protein.
Another honorable mention is sunflower butter. Many people swear by adding sunflower seeds or butter to smoothies for the benefits they bring to the table. They are a staple during the luteal phase (phase after ovulation) because they are high in selenium. This helps aid the liver in riding of any excess estrogen during this phase of the cycle to naturally balance out hormones in women.

Chia or Flax Seeds

Chia seeds and flax seeds are both packed with comparable nutrients. Both also contain a good amount protein and omega-3 fats, but flax seeds has the slight upper hand. Additionally, where flax seeds contain more manganese, copper and potassium, chia seeds contain fewer calories and more fiber.
So choosing between the two essentially comes down to knowing what your body needs. However, both are packed with essentials to help boost hormonal balance.
Again, based on your bodies needs, flax seed can either increase or decrease your bodies estrogen levels. And chia seeds are packed with PMS-fighting benefits. They are high in calcium which is a major supplement that helps to treat PMS symptoms.

My Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

Regardless of whether you choose to use all the ingredients we’ve researched or only a few, this smoothie is sure to help you balance out your hormones. Remember, I drink this smoothie every morning around 10:00am after my morning workout a.) because I’m a big fan of routines and b.) because to truly see results you’ve got to stick with it!
This smoothie is SUPER easy to make. I use my trusty Homgeek blender at home but you can take with you on the go using the PopBabies portable blender!
Here’s my recipe and I hope you enjoy.

Hormone Balancing Berry Smoothie

Naturally work on balancing your hormones with this delicious berry smoothie!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 3 mins
Course Breakfast
Servings 1 person


  • Blender


  • 1 cup Mixed berries of choice
  • 1 cup Dairy free milk I use almond milk but any dairy free milk will do
  • 1 cup Leafy greens I use spinach but you can also use kale
  • 1 medium Banana Sub 1/2 an avocado if not using banana
  • 1 tbsp Nut butter
  • 1 tbsp Chia seeds Sub flax seeds if you prefer them
  • 1 tsp Navitas Superfood Adaptogen Blend
  • 1/2 tsp Shatavari powder
  • 1 tbsp Cocoa powder optional - provides extra hormone balancing nutrients
  • 1/4 tsp Cinnamon optional - helps cut bitter taste from Shatavari


  • Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy!
Keyword berry, breakfast smoothie, hormones, smoothie

Let me know any questions you have down in the comments, I’d love to hear want you think.
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Remember to be brave in trying new things and always cook with a dash of love!
Until next time,
Haley | Creator of Haley’s Kitchen

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  1. Haley,

    Do any of these help with the weight gain? I read about the nutritional aspects of them, but must’ve missed whether any helped with the weight?

    See, I’ve been on BC since my last surgery in 2018. I have to take Depo to prevent ovulation, since my ovaries like to form cysts. These cysts eventually turn into an infection, and I already had my left removed. So, after that surgery, I asked my doc how can I not ovulate.

    I asked about Depo since I was on that when I was younger, about 20 years ago and it worked well. But, now I’ve been back on it for 4 years and even though I went plant based, whole foods, my body doesn’t want to lose the weight. My husband, he drops a pound about every couple of days, but not me.

    I can only guess that my body thinks it’s been prego for about 4 years, and so is holding the weight. However, I’m tired of being the same weight and not being able to lose it.

    I don’t want to try diet pills or anything, I try to be as natural as I can when it comes to what I eat. But man, I’m ready for this weight to go away already! I even just had an appt about it, but all the BC they recommend won’t stop ovulation.

    So, depo it is for another 10 years or so, but I really don’t want to be at this weight for another 10 years. And, it’s not bad, it’s just like 30 lbs, but when you’ve tried everything, it can be very, very annoying.

    Anyway, any help or suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!


    1. Hi Katrina,

      I am so sorry to hear about your journey. I know from experience how painful and confusing ovulation pain and the medicines, surgeries, etc can be that come along with it.

      I am not super familiar with Depo but did a little reading up on it. Unfortunately for all of us, there’s not been enough research done on the female reproductive system and it’s complications where we can have more specific medicines that help what we’re needing, and all of us experience different side effects. I did see where with the shot, more women were prone to weight gain vs the pill, but both contain compounds that can cause weight gain in women. The Depo has progesterone which can increase the appetite and then the pill, whether it be high or low levels of estrogen, cause weight gain by water retention and bloating. I have been taking the pill (Lo Loestrin 10mg) for two months and have not noticed any weight gain yet (fingers crossed because I’m already a curvy girl). However, my partner is taking a slightly higher dosage of Loestrin and has put on about 30 pounds that she also can’t seem to shave off.

      I’m obviously no doctor, but if you haven’t talked to your doctor about your concern with not being able to get the weight off I highly suggest doing that first!

      As far as the herbs/pants/roots that are in this smoothie, they do claim to help with boosting metabolism which can make it easier (especially for us women) to keep the weight off. My partner has noticed that it has initially helped with the extra bloat that comes with birth control, we walk 3 miles about 4 times a week and are soon going to start biking soon, and we also eat a mostly plant based diet. But it’s still really difficult for her to shave off the extra pounds that the bc has caused. I’m pushing her to find a new doctor that cares more about what could be causing her weight gain and what we could change in our daily routines to help with it.

      So that’s my first advice, is find a doctor who shows empathy, who cares and who is going to put your concerns first. (Her current doctor just said shed a few pounds and she’ll feel fine *eye roll*)

      Anyways, Ashwagandha is filled with antioxidants that speed up your metabolism and decrease inflammation. Maca really helps with stress which is a HUGE factor for weight loss. Increased stress levels literally increases the production of our hormones and hormones influence our metabolism. So the more we can keep our stress down (lol) the better it is for our bodies. Reishi promotes healthy gut bacteria, has a calming effect and can even support weight loss goals.

      Cacao needs a little more research done because no one is sure if this alone can help with weight loss, but it doesn’t show proof that it causes weight gain either.

      Shatavari, on the other hand, helps with weight loss but also helps to maintain weight. Being loaded with dietary fibers and essential nutrients, when taken regularly, shatavari not only satiates the hunger pangs but also prevents overeating, hence playing a crucial role in one’s weight loss regimen. This could be super beneficial with any excessive appetite caused by the Depo!

      Another ayurvedic plant I plant I found is punarnava. Punarnava is a traditional ayurvedic plant that is used to rejuvenate the whole body. It’s known to help with weight loss due to it’s diuretic properties that help the kidney and urinary bladder to function. This helps in flushing out toxins from the body without the loss of essential nutrients and minerals like potassium and electrolytes. If you decide to try this, I’d suggest leaving out the shatavari and use 1/2 tsp of purnarnava as a replacement since shatavari can increase estrogen.

      I’m with you though, I hate diet pills. I fell for those when I was younger and they made me sick! I’d rather just put natural herbs/plants/roots in my diet and feel much better about myself and what I’m putting into my body. Let me know if this helps and if you decide to try it! They do say that you should stick with this smoothies and the suggested natural powders to go in it for about a month or so before you’ll notice any differences. And don’t forget to check with your doctor too!

      All the best,


  2. Hi Haley,

    Everything is so detailed and nicely explained because of which people easily understand and are able to implement the info in their diets.

    Each ingredient has so many benefits to health and people don’t usually write all this so openly with detailed information, people usually ask for money but you are providing so much info for free.

    We can keep this in mind and incorporate this in our daily diet. All the ingredients mentioned in the recipes are easily available in stores and they don’t have any side effects.



    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much. That’s what I’m here for! I love to write and help people when I can through my writing. It took me doing research all over the place to narrow it down for this one article and if I can help by doing that so that others don’t have to search high and low, then I’ve done my job!

      I am still drinking this smoothie every single day and LOVE IT! I have taken spinach out though because I think it was messing up my stomach, but keep it in if you aren’t affected by it!

  3. I love this post and all the information you provide, Haley! For the longest time, I used to confuse Maca with Matcha (please don’t laugh!) until recently when I started my green smoothie journey to help me with my stress and hair/skin issues. Now I just can’t think to stat my day without my smoothie, just like you!
    Ashwaganda is my favorite herb and it has helped me incredibly with my anxiety. All the other herbs you have listed sound amazing too and the berry smoothie recipe you provided is quite similar to what I usually make too. I will have to try yours out because you add a lot more power ingredients than I do!
    Thank you for this awesome post and I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Hi Sasha,

      I’ll be honest, I had a little giggle! But I totally get where the confusion comes from. I’m right with you though, I can’t start my day without it and if I eat something heavier I definitely feel the aftermath of it. The Navitas adaptogen powder I use (which has the Ashwaganda) is amazing! If you’ve never tried it I recommend giving it a go. I really feel like sticking with this smoothie every day has helped to balance my hormones out. Of course other things like, sunshine, yoga, exercise and me time help with that too. But this gives a nice booster start to my day!

  4. Hi Haley,
    Great informative article, and I confirm everything you are saying. I also drink my smoothies and juices daily, and it is great to feel good and well.
    What I do is I put flaxseed into my smoothies because flaxseed balances estrogen. And I have optimized my levels of Vit. D3, K2, selenium, omega three fatty acids, and vitamin B complex. Many great foods contain lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more that we don’t need too much extra. However, a broad green powder is impressive, and the hunger is decreased. Very important is to clean your bowels and your liver. Bitter components are perfect for the metabolism of the liver. Eat lots of fermented food that will improve your gut microbiome. Thank you for the great article. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      I did flaxseed for a while too and decided to try chia seeds. I think I do prefer the flaxseed, but I bought a huge thing of chia so I am waiting until I finish it before switching back! This smoothie will definitely clean your bowels! It might be different for each person but it’s my morning cleanse haha!

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