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About a year ago when I launched Haley’s Kitchen I had just moved to Little Rock, Arkansas for a new adventure. Within my year here I’ve launched this website, bought a house, made a bunch of friends and of course, I’ve eaten a lot of great food.
Also within my first year my writing voice has changed, I’ve found my brand and my content has become geared towards answering questions the internet has and solving problems we home cooks often run into.
One other thing I’ve been wanting to include is reviews for local restaurants! As my circle of readers grows I want to be able to give feedback on the best places to hit up in Little Rock (or wherever I’m traveling!). Whether you live here or are just passing through. Doing this I hope to spread the word of local businesses and put all of my pictures and food videos to good use. ?
So for my first post out of this new series, let me introduce you to Maw Maw’s House.

Food Truck Fanatic

Food trucks are one of my favorite things that exist on this planet. When you order at a food truck you’re always greeted by kind, friendly people and you know the food is going to be made with love. At Maw Maw’s, also known as, La Casa De Mi Abuelita, their most popular item is probably their birria tacos.
Birria tacos have been booming on TikTok and Instagram recently, but even though they were a new concept to me, it’s not a new concept to the world. I googled it just to see and they’ve been around since the 16th century! We’ve all just been sleeping on something great.
For weeks I was drooling over their Instagram stories of delicious looking tacos being dipped into the consome. I kept begging my partner saying we had to go soon. Luckily one Saturday afternoon we hadn’t been to the grocery store and we had nothing for lunch so I said let’s get up, get dressed and we’re going to Maw Maw’s.
On Saturdays, Maw Maw’s is parked at The Rail Yard from 11am – 3pm. Their giant outdoor patio is perfect for hosting food trucks. They’ve got seating on the patio under fans, umbrella’d picnic tables and Adirondack chairs for hanging out.
There it was, bright yellow and calling my name. I was so excited I’m pretty sure I looked like a kid meeting mall santa eager to list everything I wanted for Christmas. Except I was wanting to order every single thing off the menu.

So here’s what I got.

A few birria tacos and a couple of quesabirria tacos. One bite and I was in heaven.
I’ll have to admit the quesabirria were my favorite.
If you’re not familiar with quesabirria tacos are let me enlighten you. Traditionally corn, but can also be flour, tortillas dipped into the consome and then thrown on the grill. This flavors the taco shell and gives it beautiful hues of burnt orange goodness. Then throw in meat of choice, Maw Maw’s uses shredded beef, onions and cilantro and gobs of melty cheesy deliciousness.

Fold it, grill it and serve it with a cup of consome and be ready to treat your taste buds to a taste of heaven.
The regular birria tacos are sans cheese and sans grilled but still just as delicious. I’m just a sucker for anything with melted cheese.
I also went back for seconds.

An honorable mention is their chicken tacos!

We went back another weekend when a friend was in town visiting who is also a huge fan of birria tacos. We’d heard through the grapevine to try their pollo en verde so that’s just what we did (sorry I don’t have pictures!).
Of course, we ordered birria and quesabirria because duh, but the chicken tacos were melt in your mouth good. The tomatillo was chefs kiss!
Also, this time I got a combo to try their rice and beans. Definitely my favorites sides combo to exist. And if you haven’t tried their rice you’re sleeping on it! I’m a huge fan of Mexican rice, it’s one of my specialties at home. Taking a bite of their rice and beans was like a warm hug from your abuelita.

Next on my list is definitely their burritos, quesadilla and nachos. I’ve seen other people chowing down on these when we’ve been at The Rail Yard and on their tagged Instagram pics.
Their burritos make me drool, the quesadillas look like crispy perfection and the nachos look like a deconstructed version of the birria tacos. What’s not to love!
Also, I crept back to their tagged photos in February and saw there was birria ramen?! Um, HELLO MAW MAW’S. I think that needs to be a year round menu item, right?
I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll bring this back once the temps drop outside.

How to Find Maw Maw’s Food Truck

First off, you need to follow them on social media. But beware, seeing their posts of tacos everyday may empty your wallet and your gas tank to hunt them down.

Click here to follow on Instagram and Facebook!


They post their scheduled frequently on both platforms and every day seems to change up except for Saturdays! They’re always guaranteed to be at The Rail Yard on Saturdays from 11am-3pm. So be sure to follow them so you can know if they’ll be in your neck of the woods.
If you couldn’t guess already, I 100% recommend visiting Maw Maw’s food truck. I’ve been recommending it to every friend I’ve met and no one has been disappointed yet.
They also cater if you’re looking to host an event!

Have you ever stopped by Maw Maw’s food truck? Or maybe had birria tacos somewhere else? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re ever in Little Rock, AR don’t forget to look them up and check them out!
Remember to be brave in trying new things and always cook with a dash of love!
Until next time,
Haley | Creator of Haley’s Kitchen

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