Hi everyone and welcome to my website, Haley’s Kitchen. My name is Haley and I was born and raised in north Mississippi. I am my mom’s only child and as an only child, I spent most of my time consumed by my imagination. When I was not off creating fantasy worlds on my own, I was most likely shadowing her around the house. One of my most favorite places to study her every move was in the kitchen. In this room is where I felt most at home in my house. And though I didn’t know it yet, in this room is where I found my passion.

My Beginning

It was the morning of a school-day that I sluggishly walked into our kitchen and asked my mom if she could show me how to make scrambled eggs. We typically didn’t make scrambled eggs on week days. This meant pulling out the bowl and the whisk, the skillet and the spatula and slow cooking the eggs to a perfect scramble. I was only seven so of course I wasn’t tall enough to reach the stove, nor was I experienced enough to use it. Being pressured for time to get me to school she smiled, grabbed the eggs, a bowl and a fork and taught me the “short-cut” way. She broke the eggs open in the bowl and whisked them together with a fork then went to open the microwave. She scrambled them in the microwave ( but don’t knock it until you try it). My mother was a single-working woman with a knack of providing meals in a pinch. Something sparked within me in that moment. I was bewildered by the concept of eggs being scrambled by a mechanism other than your classic skillet on the stove. I knew then I needed to learn more about the tools she used to provide and the unique and secret hidden talents that each accessory embodied.

As I got older I asked my mom to teach me how to cook many things; potato soup, rice, quesadillas, spaghetti pie and much more. I once boldly tried cooking rice in the microwave thinking this could be a short-cut from the stove. It did not end well. But with each of our meals, my mom would turn to the microwave to get dinner on the table as fast as possible. This was her ride-or-die kitchen accessory and I was fascinated watching her surprise me every time.

In my high school years and even into college, I shared my love of making breakfast with friends. Pretty much all of my friends grew up scrambling eggs on the stove. My favorite question to them when cooking together is always, “Have you ever seen eggs scrambled in a microwave?”. Most of them looked at me like I was losing my mind, but that didn’t stop my ear-to-ear grin because of the magical secret I knew I was about to reveal. I was eager to show them how eggs could be cooked in a microwave just as easily and deliciously as they could be on a stove.

But I know that it’s not just my love of cooking and sharing that experience with people that keeps me coming back. I think what intrigues me the most are the unusual gadgets and accessories that are the foundation of creating that magical feeling.

I want to share the magic I found with you all.

My Journey

I am home taught/self-taught cook, as I’m sure majority of you are as well. That’s no secret. Other than learning from my friends and family, I learned by obsessively watching cooking shows and competitions and practicing recipes I found off of Pinterest.

Remember how I burned rice by attempting to boil it in the microwave? Well I quickly learned it’s much easier cooked on the stove. But it’s also much more easily cooked using accessories focused on making perfect rice. This past Christmas I received my first rice cooker. This is now my ride-or-die for rice. But you can also get multi-use from your rice cooker! Cooking grains? Use your rice cooker. Making soup? Use your rice cooker. Want to make a cake? Use your rice cooker.

I was just introduced a year ago to a mesh sieve which helps to wash your rice before cooking. It’s also great for rinsing your other grains, rinsing beans mess free and straining lemon juice so you don’t have to worry about the seeds and much more.

I will also never forget the satisfaction of using my first wine opener. And I don’t mean the party man style opener. I mean the type you see your server using; and once you’ve got that down-pat without breaking the cork you deserve a metal.

I recently took my first cooking class at the beginning of this year (pre coronavirus) in Chicago at The Chopping Block. It was a ramen class gifted by my lovely partner for my birthday and I was ecstatic. Finally, immersed into a community of people who shared my same passion was invigorating. But what I also loved about this experience was the shared passion of learning. Using accessories and tools we’d never used before. Learning methods of cooking we’d never heard of, or if we had, finally having the opportunity in a professional kitchen to experiment with these different methods of cooking.

The best part of it all was that none of us were afraid. We weren’t intimidated by the professional chefs or the accessories laid in front of us. We were all there to create.

My Passion

My point to all of this is, I truly want to share the magic I’ve found in cooking with you all. I’m not here to teach you how to cook. I’m not here to critique your cooking, because in my house, there’s no right or wrong. I want to inspire you to create. There are experiments and leaps taken to try something new. When it works and brings you happiness that’s all that matters.

Haley’s Kitchen was created to share my favorite accessories, to keep you in the know of new and trending products, to share my truth in how to get multi-use out of your products and to learn along with you as the world of cooking is ever changing.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Hope to see you soon!

Founder of Haley’s Kitchen


  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on cooking accessories.

  2. Great job! Excited to follow along!

    1. Hi Jon! Thank you so much. It’s been a journey I’ve wanted to start for a while now and so far it’s been an amazing few months!

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