Birthdays are kind of like Christmas where all of a sudden they creep up on you and the next thing you know, you’re running around trying to find the perfect card and a unique gift. The trending stress-free hack for Christmas is to buy gifts in advance, so why not plan ahead of time for someone’s birthday?

I know we’re already halfway through January so I apologize in advance to any of the January babies that feel left out. However, my birthday is the 18th and instead of receiving a gift, I’d like to give you the gift of anticipation so that you can avoid procrastination. I love taking the time to find the most interesting and perfect gift for the friend, family or loved one who’s special day is coming up.

So grab your favorite drink, let’s cheers to my 29th and enjoy these uncommon birthday gifts I found for you!


Boujie Boozy Gifts

Boozy gifts are timeless. I love gifting unique wine glasses, cocktail accessories or even a nice bottle to friends and family. I don’t drink much, but I enjoy sharing moments and creating memories with friends and family over a nice bottle of wine or an interesting cocktail or two. I have a few boujie boozy items to share with you that are great birthday gifts that, in turn, will create more memories that will last a lifetime.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches









It’s a hard time for your boujie boozy friends to get out to their usual brunch locations right now. Why not bring brunch to their home! These Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches are a fun and different way to decorate your bloody mary. With the different branches, you avoid having to shove all your fixins on one skewer and it encourages you to “branch” out with your accessories! Support the local creator & business owner from New York at Uncommon Goods

Whiskey Stones

I’ve actually gifted these Whiskey Stones to my step-dad a few years back and he still uses them today! If you know someone who drinks their whiskey, scotch or brandy neat these are an amazing gift to chill the cocktail without watering it down. And they actually stay colder than ice! Milled in Vermont, find these at Uncommon Goods

Stemless Aerating Wine Glass









As a fellow wine drinker myself, I’m all about owning my bouj (Bouj: shortened nickname for boujie. Pronunciation – boujie without the ie.). If you have a wine lover in your life this Stemless Aerating Wine Glass is the perfect lazy hack that they’re bound to love!

I have an aerator spout, decanter and a shower funnel with a filter so take it from someone who loves wine, this is a great gift. You can also use it for whiskey! Just put your ice cube, or whiskey stones, in the decanter piece and pour over for a perfectly chilled glass! Support the local creator & business owner from California at Uncommon Goods

Wooden Wine Dispenser

Boxed wine is fantastic. It’s travel friendly, packed with flavor and usually you get a great deal with it pricing about $20 for 4 bottles worth.

However, sitting next to fancy bottles with pretty labels on your bar cart, it’s usually the odd ball out. This handmade Wooden Wine Dispenser takes things to a whole new level of boujie. Bring sophistication to your boxed wine by dressing it up! Support the local creator & business owner from Tennessee at Uncommon Goods

*Backordered but expected to ship by 2/15/2021. Perfect for March babies and later!


Creative Kit Gifts

Kit gifts make for super fun and exciting birthday presents! I’ve gifted a wine kit before to my partner and not only did she love it but it was fun for the both of us! If you’re looking for a gift that stands out then check out these kit gift recommendations!

Homemade Gin Kit

This goes along with the boujie boozy gifts but it’s also a make-it-yourself kit so we’ll talk about this one first before introducing the others! Along with wine, I also like a good gin and how awesome would it be to receive this Homemade Gin Kit as a birthday present. Don’t forget to pick up their favorite vodka as well! Alcohol is not included. And if they love it, there’s also an option for refills! Support the local creator & business owner from Tennessee at Uncommon Goods.

Kit includes:

2 glass bottles
Alcohol not included

*Backordered but expected to ship by 2/12/2021. Perfect for March babies and later! 

Vegan Cheesemaking Kit

Vegan products are all the rage right now. Many people are doing Veganuary for a healthier eating lifestyle but veganism has been around longer than you think. Vegan cheeses started to make their debut in the late 1800s! Crazy right? If you have a friend that is vegan or looking to try more vegan products than this Vegan Cheesemaking Kit would be a funky, fun birthday gift! Made in New Zealand, find this kit at Uncommon Goods.

Kit includes:

Cheese cloth
Citric Acid
Organic tapioca starch
Agar powder
Yeast flakes

Homemade Sourdough Bread Kit

No-knead sourdough bread took off in the 90s and resurges every once in a while on Pinterest amongst the baking community. Making your own starter can be time-consuming and needs to be nurtured almost daily. This Homemade Sourdough Bread Kit is perfect for the bread lover with a birthday coming up that wants to practice making their own homemade bread.

And it’s ready to serve within 15 minutes! This will be great practice for if they ever decide to make their own starter from scratch. This kit also comes with a Danish dough whisk which is MY FAVORITE for baking. You can check out my whisk post here to learn more about it! Made in New Zealand, find this kit at Uncommon Goods.

Kit includes:

Instant sourdough culture (3 packets)
Artisan salt (16 oz)
Muslin cloth
Dough scraper
Dough whisk
Recipe book

Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

For the birthday baby that’s sticking to safety and missing their favorite dumpling joint, you can now bring homemade dumplings straight to their house! And I’m not talking about take out. This Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit is bound to bring joy to someone’s special day. As an adventurous eater, I’ve always wanted to learn to make dumplings, so if you know of an adventurous eater yourself, be sure to get this in plenty of time for their birthday! Made in China and assembled in California, find this kit at Uncommon Goods.

Kit includes:

5-piece bamboo steamer
Parchment paper rounds
Dumpling dough roller
Filling wooden spatula
Agar agar powder
Instructions and recipes

Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea is controversial for those who are sensitive to textures, but we all have that one friend who loves their bubble tea and the aesthetic that comes with it. Now you can give them the gift of their favorite tea with this Bubble Tea Kit that they can make from home! It’s super easy to use, just add milk and enjoy! Support the local creator & business owner from Georgia at Uncommon Goods.

Kit includes:

 1.9 oz. royal milk loose leaf tea
2 oz. rooibos chai loose leaf tea
10.5 oz. boba tapioca pearls
2 reusable stainless steel straws

*Backordered but expected to ship by 2/12/2021. Perfect for March babies and later!

Tea Drop Sampler

This next gift idea isn’t necessarily a kit but sort of, just hear me out! It’s cold outside in most places right now and herbal tea drinkers are living their best life. This Tea Drop Sampler will warm someone’s heart and warm up their birthday! With 25 tea drops and a cute reusable box, this birthday gift will last awhile. No steeper or other tea tools needed, they dissolve in hot water without the fuss of loose leaves! Support the local creator & business owner from California at Uncommon Goods.

Teas included in set of 25:

5 Citrus Ginger
5 Blueberry Acai
5 Matcha Green Tea
5 Rose Earl Grey
5 Sweet Peppermint


Kitchen Tools for the Kitchen Fools

For the home cook, there’s nothing like getting a really unique gift for the kitchen. I got a set of Japanese knives, new stainless measuring spoons and a pair of herb cutters for Christmas and I NERDED. OUT. Here’s a few recommendations that make amazingly uncommon birthday gifts for your home cook. Enjoy!

Confetti Chopping Block

You can’t celebrate a birthday without confetti. Luckily, I found this Confetti Chopping Block that’s perfect for the occasion and it’s easier to clean up! This cutting board is professional grade and made from recycled scraps of solid color cutting boards. This is bound to brighten up anyone’s day every time they reach for it when it’s time to cook! Find this board at Uncommon Goods.

Three Pocket Utensil Caddy












Some people can get away with one utensil holder, but if you’re like me, you have two plus a drawer full because you just can’t get enough of your utensils. I mean, to be fair, they’re all important for their own unique uses. If you know someone that loves their utensils then check out this handmade Three Pocket Utensil Caddy. Use it for cooking utensils or you can use it as a caddy to hold eating utensils, seasonings and napkins for the dinner table! Support the local creator & business owner from Texas at Uncommon Goods.

State Spoon Rest







Lots of people this year haven’t been able to travel home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give a piece of home to them from afar. A good spoon rest is important to have nearby for the avid home cook and this State Spoon Rest is beautifully handcrafted with geographic design. The artist has hand-sculpted these for 10 of the states and on the back it’s stamped with the states name and an intricate print of the state’s leaf. Support the local creator & business owner from Minnesota at Uncommon Goods.

Berry Buddy

Along with supporting local business owners, it’s also important to support our farmer’s markets when we can. Farm fresh berries just can’t be beat, but they also need to be cleaned before eaten. Berry lovers, meet the Berry Buddy. This handmade stoneware strainer not only cleans but also doubles as a serving bowl. If you know of a berry fanatic than this is the birthday gift for them! Support the local creator & business owner from Pennsylvania at Uncommon Goods.

Tofu Press

Another nifty and thoughtful gift for your vegetarian or vegan friend is this Tofu Press! Trying to drain the water out of a block of tofu can flat out be a pain in the butt. It takes way too many paper towels and at least an hour of your time. On top of that, just to get the water out, I usually have to wrap it in paper towels, place my cast iron skillet on top of it and place a few cans of beans on top of that. But ultimately, I love tofu.

However, this tofu press is a game changer. Just set the tofu in the press and the press on a plate, in a bowl or in the sink. The press is 4.5lb of weight on the block of tofu and drains out excess water for crispy tofu perfection! Support the local creator & business owner from New York at Uncommon Goods.


Spread the Birthday Love

2020 was freaking hard and everyone needs a little love on their birthday in 2021. Plus, it’s great that we can support local creators and small businesses through Uncommon Goods. Even if it’s not local to your backyard, it’s nice to support someone from miles away during these times.

If you have any questions about these items please leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you!

I hope you enjoy learning about the products we recommend! These products were independently selected by Haley’s Kitchen. Just so you know, as an Uncommon Goods affiliate, Haley’s Kitchen earns from qualifying purchases. Oh, and items are in stock as of time of publication unless noted otherwise!

Remember to be brave in trying new things and always cook with a dash of love!

Until next time,

Haley | Creator of Haley’s Kitchen


  1. Hi
    Well, there is a coincidence. My wife’s birthday is on the 18th as well. I ordered the cake today. There are some really cool ideas here. I was a bit surprised to see the gin kit. I thought it wasn’t exactly legal to run your own still. I love the bouj’s. I have no idea whether any of the wine we usually drink, and like you, we are frequent wine drinkers, but I am sure these would be excellent conversation pieces. I like the state spoon rests too – pity there isn’t a Rhode Island. Thanks – and Happy Birthday for Monday.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Andy,

      Happy belated birthday to your wife! For the gin the alcohol is not included so that’s why they are able to sell it! I love all of the wine pieces, the wooden wine box would definitely make your friends jealous!

  2. What a great post Haley, you smashed it! I hate buying the presents because you always buy some unwanted crap not even any good ecologically or financially. So, I love your gift choice! Whatever we can drink or eat are the best presents ever. Every one’s happy.

    1. Thank you so much! Present buying can be pretty intimidating. It comes with the stigma of always having to buy the best or most expensive present, but in reality, people appreciate more thoughtful gifts then they do those with a high price tag. I love all of these gifts because they’re timeless! Even the ones like the tea drops, you get to keep the box and they can always buy more if they ended up loving them!

  3. Hi Haley!

    Very nice ideas for birthday gift:) I personally like the Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches and the Stemless Aerating Wine Glass!

    Continue the great work!


    1. Thank you!

      The branches are super cute! You could also stick marshmallows on them for hot chocolate! 🙂

  4. Hey,

    I love this article because I love unusual birthday gifts, and especially when I am giving them to friends. I hope you have a great birthday and I hope you receive some brilliant unusual gifts from friends and family.

    I have a friend who has a birthday coming up and I just know she would love the tea drops. I have never bought tea drops for anybody before but I love them, so I am going to buy them for her.

    I will let you know what she thinks of the gift and if I am still her friend 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you have great birthday.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom!

      Thank you so much! I did have a great birthday!

      The tea drops have been a big hit! Especially in areas where it’s cold outside right now. If you end up getting them, do let me know what she thinks! I’ve thought about picking some up for myself 😉

  5. Haley, these are some amazing ideas! I have bookmarked this page, and will be consulting it for upcoming birthday gifts. They’re all so unique!

    The Bloody Mary stems, slate spoon rests, and aerating wine glasses are especially cool, and I love the kits! I might have to get the gin making one for my brother… and I might have to get the dumpling one for myself 😀

    1. Hi Jade!

      Thank you so much! That’s one thing I love about Uncommon Goods is that everything is unique and different and most things help support small businesses and artists!

      I love all of the kits as well. I’ve thought about getting the dumpling kit for myself too! 🙂

  6. Hi Haley,

    Wow! Super amazing gift ideas, truly loved all of them.

    This list of unusual gifts is the best gift for our loved ones. I personally loved stemless aerating wine glass looks damn adorable and state spoon rest is super cool! One thing I love about gifts for the kitchen is that they keep us going and stick around every time we use, remember the person who gifted us, and bring a smile to our face.

    I would also love to gift myself these adorable gifts;)

    Thanks for sharing these here and I truly value the way you provided all information and shared awesome gift ideas.

    Great your effort!


    1. Hi Sam!

      Thank you so much! You can’t go wrong with unusual and unique gifts. They are definitely something to remember and sometimes even great conversation starters if you have guests over! The aerating wine glass is great. It’s a 2-in-1 and you can’t beat that!

      That’s what I love about them too. They’re timeless. Even the edible kits are something that will always be remembered and leaving you wanting more!

      You can always treat yo self with some of these gifts! They don’t have to necessarily be for a birthday 🙂

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