Electric kettles are a game changer. I grew up boiling water in a pot but every time I’d go to pour it over my oatmeal or ramen, half of it would lose the battle to gravity and end up on the counter top. For tea, I would fill a cup full of water and microwave it for a few minutes but then it would often be too hot to touch.
If you don’t already have an electric kettle, cozy-up, grab a drink, some snacks and get ready to read along!
If you do already have an electric kettle, the HadinEEon is next level and hopefully I can share a few new tips on new ways to use it.

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Meet the HadinEEon Kettle

One of the most common uses for an electric kettle is boiling water for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The HadinEEon electric kettle is going to make prepping for the hot beverage of your choice so much easier. The kettle is food grade, heat-resistant, quiet and quick. In fact, it only takes about 5 minutes to boil up to 1.5L and with a single beep, it’s done! It can hold up to 10 cups of hot water, so if you have a big family or are an avid coffee drinker this is the perfect match for you.
It’s see-through glass design is pretty and makes boiling water fun. Never thought I’d say that, but I like how you can watch the water boiling vs some kettles that are solid stainless steel. This also helps you to see build up so you can know when it’s time to clean your kettle. Speaking of cleaning, it comes with a removable purifying filter that you can clean and replace as needed.
It also has a “stay warm” function that will keep it warm for up to 12 hours! If you’re like me, I would probably forget about it after 1 hour but don’t worry, it has an auto shut-off function as well.
But as amazing as these facts are in how the HadinEEon works, let’s talk about how you can use it!

Cozy Up With the Perfect Cup

Tea is one of my favorite winter staples. I love the feeling of a hot cup of tea in the afternoon or on a chilly night to warm me up and relax. This HadinEEon kettle makes brewing your tea a lot easier and it’s more efficient.
Standard kettles boil water at one temperature but this kettle can get so much more accurate.
Did you know to get the true flavor of a tea it needs to be steeped at specific temperatures? The HadinEEon has functions to help guide you to an enjoyable perfect cup. I’ll be honest with you, I mostly drink herbal Yogi tea and that’s not an option on this kettle. However, I’ve done the research for you and most herbal teas would be considered delicate, which is a button option! If you prefer a bit of a warmer cup, you can also boil your herbal tea bags on the White button as well.
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You’ll also notice in the middle of the tea options is a French Press button. If you’ve read my Fall Kitchen Accessories you’ll know this is a cold weather weekend must have. I love my French press. It’s matte pink, stainless steel and holds up to 4 servings. It’s solid stainless design keeps your coffee hot for up to 60 minutes longer than a glass press! But believe it or not, coffee can be too hot. If you burn your grounds it makes for a really bitter brew. The HadinEEon kettle will provide you with the perfect cup of coffee every time by boiling your water to exactly 200 degrees.
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But let’s get real, the true winter necessity is hot chocolate and though there is no button, I’ve once again done the research for you! The perfect cup of coco needs water boiled between 160-185 degrees. Once you’ve picked your biggest mug, choose either the Delicate, Green or White option on your kettle and within 5 minutes you’ll have a chocolately delicious cup of joy!

Promising Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars The perfect kettle for coffee and tea conossoirs. This kettle is the best I’ve ever owned. It is designed perfectly for use. The temperature settings are amazing. We drink lots of teas and coffee and this suits everyone’s desire. I plan on ordering two more for holiday gifts. A real winner.

Breakfast, Lunch and Late Night Snacks

Though the button functions are only for tea and coffee on the HadinEEon kettle, it can also be used for quick meals! Need breakfast on the go? You can turn on your kettle and prep your bowl of oatmeal at the same time and it’s ready within minutes. I couldn’t find a perfect temp to boil your water for oatmeal but boiling stove water usually reaches 212 degrees so I would suggest selecting the Black option!
Prefer milk in your oat meal? No worries, you can boil milk in your kettle too!
Who remembers soup packets? For me it’s definitely been a hot minute, but these are great for chilly afternoons when you don’t want to cook, you don’t have leftovers and you don’t want to leave the house. Just start your HadinEEon kettle up and grab a soup packet!
My favorite way to use my kettle is for late night ramen. Or really, anytime ramen! Whether it’s in the cup with everything ready to go or the packet where you can just place it in a bowl, your kettle will come through strong. Boil the water to 212 degrees, pour it over and wait 5-7 minutes and viola! Your ramen is ready.
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Looking for a healthier snack to curb those cravings? Chrissy Teigen eats boiled eggs when she’s hungry late at night and even throughout the night. I’ve personally never tried it but you gotta do what you gotta do! Just fill the kettle and carefully place the eggs in. Bring the kettle to a boil and leave for 13-15 minutes. Then carefully remove the eggs and place them in cold water. From there, you can peel and eat them or save them for later!

Promising Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Quick and easy We were skeptical at first but after visiting relatives in Australia we were hooked, they have us using our HadinEEon Kettle in ways we never thought of, boiling eggs, noodles, pasta. It is fast and convenient especially with the variable temperature setting and the quantity of water held.


At-home Self Care

We’re heading towards winter and with the time change, the pandemic and everything else going on in the world, things can be stressful. Your kettle can not only provide you with cozy drinks and yummy snacks, but it can be there for you when the rain starts to pour, like it’s been there before. It’s time to relax, take a break and treat yourself this season.
Hello my fellow Americans, have you ever heard of a hot water bottle? I’d never heard of them until I went to England, but they are more common than you’d think. I don’t mean a drinking bottle filled with hot water. I’m talking about the 2 liter, rubber sacks with cute covers to use when you’ve got aches and cramps. When you’re feeling bleh and need a lie down, simply fill your water bottle with hot water from your HadinEEon kettle and relax.

^Haley’s hot water bottle recommendation!^
You can also use your kettle to make a foot soak. I would suggest using the lowest temperature setting for this as it will need to cool off so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing red socks. If you know, you know. Throw in some lavender scented Epsom salt, dip your toes in and rest.
For a quick facial, you can pour your kettle water into a large bowl. You might feel a bit silly at first, but hold your face over the steam and it’ll feel amazing. The steam will cleanse your pores of dirt and buildup, leaving your skin detoxed and relaxed.
Promising Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Great kettle! Verified Purchase Great kettle! Bought for the large capacity, as we have a 2l teapot, but we love the fact that we can set different temperatures. Is ideal for making hot water bottles that don’t scold, as well as the main purpose of brewing different tea types.

It’s More Than Just a Kettle

Honestly, at this point, this kettle needs a new name. It’s so much more than just that, it’s a versatile cooking and self-care accessory that should be welcomingly displayed on your counter tops. And for only $56.90, I’d say that’s a steal. If you use your kettle every day for a year, that’s only about $0.15 a day. If I can treat myself to a little bit of happiness for only $0.15 a day, I’m in.

If you have any feedback about any kitchen accessories, gadgets or utensils that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!
As always, be brave in trying new things and cook with love!
Until next time,


  1. Thanks for the vital information on Electric Kettle! There are people in most parts of the world who use an electric kettle for purposes other than for tea, chocolate, and coffee. Some use it to take bath in cold weather, while there are still so many things people use an electric kettle for at home.

    Good to learn about the HadinEEon kettle as such that’s much easier and more accurate when it comes to brewing tea! Agreed, this kettle makes a perfect cup of coffee once the water is boiled to 2000

    1. Hi Michael!

      That’s really interesting, thanks for letting me know! I just received my kettle the other day and it does not disappoint, plus it’s really cool to watch the water boiling with the blue light! Thank you so much for checking out Haley’s Kitchen!

  2. I like your teapot that you advertise, I think it is very innovative, now I don’t know what can be cooked in it and how long it can last, how many guarantees do you give? for coffee it suits most people and for most people it is a good option any honor on the topic and on the processing of the subject. Just keep it up I wish you a lot of success.

    1. Hi Dragan!

      I, personally, have only boiled water and tea in mine! I’ve used it for teas, hot chocolate and oatmeal. People say you can boil your eggs right inside of the kettle, but I’ve been too nervous to try that myself! 

      Thank you so much for checking out Haley’s Kitchen! 

  3. I have an electric kettle, but it’s already old and worn out, and it would be nice if I bought a new one. Based on your presentation, I agree that the HadinEEon is next level, and the price is also acceptable. Now we use our old kettle a lot in winter, so such a purchase really pays off if you have the product in regular use.
    I wish you all the best

    1. Hi Nina!

      I had an old and worn out kettle too but this one has been amazing. I use it weekly for chilly nights where I’m craving tea and it does not disappoint. The different temperatures are also super helpful for the different types of teas!

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