If you’re wondering if you should own both of these appliances my answer to you is going to be yes. I’m not a fan of overcrowding a kitchen and cabinet space with an abundance of gadgets, accessories, and machines that you’ll hardly use, but both of these are essentials for what I cook and they don’t take up much room.

However, even though they’re both types of blenders they can and should be used for different occasions!

Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is a handheld blender with a long neck and two blades at the base. With most immersion blenders, you’re in control with a single button meaning you get to decide how much to pulse or blend.

I use my immersion blender for dressings and soups, but you can also use it to beat eggs, mix batter, whip cream and make salsas!

An immersion blender is a great too to have around for a quick blend and it doesn’t take up space on our counter top. Just keep it put away in a cabinet until you’re ready to use.

I’ve also seen that some people use their immersion blender for smoothies, and if you’re making single-serve that might work, but if you’re making a large batch I would grab your stand blender instead!

Stand Blender

A stand blender is one you typically keep out on your counter. The jug is separate from the base and has a set of blades in the bottom. When attached to the base, you’re able to use a handful of operations like pulse, grind, blend, smoothie, etc.

I use my stand blender every morning for smoothies but you can also use it for a plethora of things! It’s great for purees, soups, dips frozen cocktails, and more.

A lot of people stray away from a stand blender because of the counter space it can take up. Here’s the one I use, and if you use it often, it’s really not too big! When I lived in a smaller apartment, I used to keep it stored away, and pulling it in and out of a cabinet really wasn’t that much of a hassle.

Choosing Between the Two

They’re really both great appliances to have around, especially for those who cook at home often. But if you’re wanting one over the other, here’s a few questions to ask before you purchase.

How many people are you serving?

If you’re solely using a blender for drinks, dips or soups, I would suggest a stand blender. An immersion blender would do just fine, but if you host large groups or have a big family, the stand blender would be more beneficial for whipping up those recipes in a pinch.

If it’s just you plus one or two, then an immersion blender would work fine! You can easily blend soups in a Dutch oven with your immersion blender, make salad dressings or even beat your eats for breakfast.

What are you cooking?

So this kind of goes back to having both wouldn’t hurt! Because depending on what you’re cooking, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right appliance that’ll get the job done without any inconveniences.

What texture are you looking for?

A stand blender is typically going to give you smoother and well-blended textures than an immersion blender. You can get smooth blended textures from your immersion blender, but it just takes a little longer. Because of the smoothie, puree, and grind options on most stand blenders, if this is what you’re looking for then it’s the appliance you want!

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